Monday, November 22, 2010

The link above - of interest to all sorts of IP's. It struck me too, --that Judge Samanatha Jessner was picked due to her being African American. Well, I stood in front of that corrupt viper and she looked whiter than white.
Who knows. Looks are decieving.  I only know that she is a very corrupt and cruel person -barbarically so. I know that she makes ruling that only make sense if she's as evil as sin. She degraded and damaged innocent and intelligent people to satisfy her city attorney masters. Two vile yentas named Felise Kalpakian and Jennifer Waxler were able to goad her too easily into making a decision(it wasn't a proper ruling at all) that will change a lot of lives someday but really really devastated our lives and such destruction and anguish for no GOOD REASON is not something that can be forgotten. No apologies exist in their world and so forgiveness is also an impossibility. . Judge Samantha Jessner sucks and all the absolute immunities in the world can't protect her from that fact.
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