Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I need a blog bouncer

What a dreadful bunch reads this blog. Now I have the city attorney back and wasting more tax payer money. I wish I could get the bouncer of all bouncers, the mutant Michael Griffee, to kick them off. I just got such an annoyed feeling that those arrogant and depraved freaks dare even come on my blog. They are searching for Karla Kerlin. What do they think they will find? They'll never find a thing that they can use against me in a court of law- civil or criminal. That I know.

Judge Karla Kerlin is so new and relatively young to be a judge,  and she is so shamelessly corrupt. She stole 10.800 bucks outright and she stole so much more from innocent and law abiding people. I wouldn't have to hire that clown, James Silverstien, if she didn't conspire as she did. We talked about why she was more hateful than say Mary Lou Villar, and in some ways, even Stratton. Those two don't even bother to pretend they are anyting but evil thugs. Kerlin actually coached me to "trust Marty he's a good guy" at that "sidebar." She pretends to be decent and human and trust me- she's the dregs.

Kerlin would undoubtably do the same as Stratton did, if she could. But, she couldn't, at that time, and so she is not the most loathsome. The vicious , ruthless, and lawless Judge Maria Stratton takes that prize and it's some prize because she had lots of competition.
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