Monday, November 29, 2010

Jennifer Waxler attorney is what the googler in long beach is calling the gutter snipe

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Reader in Long Beach,

You are awful curious about the sleazy satanly scumbag that is Jennifer Waxler.
Maybe you are an innocent victim of a malicious prosecution too and have smelled the evil coming off Jennifer Abrams Waxler, Los angeles city attorney(and failed private attorney.) Or maybe you are the evil evil Jennifer Waxler herself.  I can't know just yet. If you are another of her victims- run or fight like hell because you have just met the devil( in a bad suit and with a hot pink cell phone. blech) and she will do and say ANYTHING.  Devil seems too grand when you consider what a clod she is and how she failed to win against an indigent defendant in the case of the people vs spitzberg, when employing the full force of the state and the filthiest tactics imaginable. She's really just a garden variety sociopath with a hot pink phone, well all is said and done.
Filthy tactics sounds too kind too  considering what she was willing to do to "win." What a loser and what a disgrace .

Her and her decrepit partner in crime Felise "Back fat" Kalpakian should write a book called " How to lose a case while being a disgrace-- for dummies."

Chapter one:

  filthy ways to try to win a case you shouldn't want to win:
1) when the evidence comes in that the defendant is innocent and has been through hell for no reason- don't dismiss, don't apologize-- pretend that you are threatened and need units to assist with these "threats." This will bias the judge and not much else but why win the hard way.
2) When the innocent defendant still won't plea- try to get her jailed by manufacturing evidence and slipping manufactured evidence to the judge when no one is looking.
3) Use mistaken orders she knew were mistakes  to convince judges of things that they shouldn't be convinced of( That creep knows of what I speak)
4) When nothing goes her way cause of good vs evil issues try to get the defendant  declared insane and keep repeating the lies about being threatened to gain unfair advantage with the dim and notoriously unjust judge in charge, that day.

Then Jennifer Waxler got yanked off the case to be replaced by equally sinister and incompetent bozos.

In short, Jennifer Waxler is a true blue monster. She might think she got away with her crimes in the Spitzberg matter but she did not and till my dying day I will try to make sure that her name is known and that others don't get as harmed by her as we did.
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