Sunday, November 28, 2010

Avid readers's keywords make me wonder- Tig Notaro and Stef Willen criminals and desperate freaks

Reader in Palm Desert,

Have you figured it out yet?  You read this blog so often. There never was any  violence against Tig Notaro on August 29th 2007 as claimed. If there were, beleive me, she would report it and scream it from the rooftops. S
. She only invented this  later for no understandable reason.  The lies have caught up with her. Now, she's back to begging people to perform in thier houses. What ever happened to her budding career in tv and film? Kaput. Scraped out of the "Runaways" and her show in the motherhood was a disaster.  Bad press and bad karma. And, I'm sure Heidi spread some word after what stupid Hunter Seidman did and just in general- who does something like that???

Who is a better witness, Sam C or the twisted and malicious Stef Willen?

Of course, it's Sam C- a total stranger to me and them.

More more witnesses will come forth to say that not only did no one push that disturbed skank, Tig Notaro, but I never said a mean word to her that night or ever. Now I do, sure, because  she started to brutally and inexplicalbly   invent such life altering lies and she thought she could silence me me and she failed and my ability to do this is a holy one considering the efforts made to make this impossible.

  There are wholly unbiased witnesses, reader from Palm Desert. And, they will all come forth ,soon, and Mathilde Notaro and Stef Willen will be disgraced and charged with filing false reports and perjury- that's the plan, amongst other plans, to set things right in the Universe.

Then, you have julius and the police never called despite the liars pretending that happened. And how can you forgot officers Jaqueline Montalvo RIP . Then, all those other witnesses than are not even necessarry but exist to show that this was all a cruel and very very very costly hoax.

The most convincing and compelling witness-  Heidi- how can any one explain that one away? How can anyone find one loophole to excuse sick insane Tig Notaro for making her agent a witness for no good reason except to pathetically impress the dirty cops and bad joke Marty Boags with her "power." The darkest nastiest hollwood desperation possible = Tig Notaro and Stef Willen. They want to make it so badly and so shamelessly but they simply can't use me as their stepping stone. Let them use their mediocrity and see where it gets them. Without filthy tricks they would go even less further than they have.

Then, you have Hunter Seidman trying to intimidate Heidi out of testifying to the truth in a court of law. Who the hell does this lame freak Tig Notaro think she is,  and what in god's name did she do to that nerd, Hunter Seidman to convince him to break the law that way. She is a predator socioath as is Stef Willen and they do well manipulating anybody and everybody. Give them credit for that.

But, the truth is that not one accussation is true. NOT ONE. Sam confirms that no activity or fight at all occurred. He was spooked by the investigator but he stepped up to the plate for trial. He has no reason to lie . Zero.

So, no violence, no cursing, no tirades- Nothing against Willen or Notaro. What does that mean?

You have two(amonsgt many others sadly)  deranged cruel pathological liars willing to do that to innocent and good people for no reason.

Maybe it's really Willen who is the mastemind- who used Notaro to hurt me and used me to gain back the favors of Notaro (jobs, money, friends- Willen had none of those without her. that's a fact and she told me so herself.)

Still, the crimes and the damage and blame is the same. No way out of it.

To those looking up Sam and seeing that something is very wrong with their story- think about this blog and how Lavely and Singer have not tried to take it down and think of why that is and the answers you need will come to you.

I am dead busy with so many things that she still is among the free- but she won't be for long.
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