Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sick of her name

Yes, that's right reader, Jennifer Waxler, City attorney will force ex partes and she will present falsified evidence and hide exculpatory evidence and when that does't work she'll use the tax payer moeny for competency ploys and illegal jailings.. She is a pathetic example of a human impersonator. She is disgusting.  I would never "out" but pure sociopaths on a blog. I would avoid saying anything negative about a celebrity- why hurt feelings when you can avoid it.

But, Jennifer Waxler, reader in Long Beach, is a psychopath. No better or worse maybe than Martin Boags or Felise Kalpakian or the herpes of a woman- Katie Ford. Maybe she's better than Gregozek and Judge Maria Stratton but that's about as kind as it gets.

She deserves jail and worse and yet she's free so far. Sad.
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