Monday, December 13, 2010

City of attorney reading my blog again

Interested in what I have to say about the deeply wicked Karla Kerlin.  What I have to say is not too consequential-- when considering that that woman openly colluded with a malicous, vicious and barbaric prosecution. It all comes across as sound and fury.... but it doesn't signify nothing, I'm sure of it.

Whatever , I loathe her and that is understandable(and utterly legal) to any evolved human being. Sadly some are unevolved or downright evil. Kerlin and her co conspirator cronies stole from me so much and her shitty immunities stand in the way of justice for the moment. But moments pass and let it be known that Karla Kerlin is an amoral and  very dangerous judge. I do feel it is my civic duty to my fellow man- to warn against judges like her and Maria stratton and Samantha  jessner and gerald rosenberg and Mary Lou Villar and  so many more that did not follow the law in my case.

If what I say isn't true let all the sociopathic  freaks get an injunction or sue for defamation,for pete's sake. I'd love that as it would allow the only fair hearing in this case to date.
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