Thursday, December 16, 2010

Judge Samantha Jessner is a conspirator and an incompetent vicious oaf

Someone in Pasadena is fascinated with what a dumb blog might have to say about the corrupt and cruel judge Samantha Jessner. What do they expect to find here?

I can just tell them that the dishonorable Judge Samantha  Philips Jessner made vile, sick, and corrupt choices in the case of Lavely and Singer vs Spitzberg or  John Gregozek and the TMU vs Spitzberg or crazy Felise Kalpakian's vendetta vs Spitzberg or Nutty criminal Martin Boag's and Katie Fraud vs Spitzberg or the D.A Dick Vagnozzi , Karla Kerlin, and Maria"the devil" Stratton vs. Spitzberg. It goes on, crazy as it may sound.
The people had no say in that case and had they known what was done in their names they would not have been pleased at all. In fact they would be infuriated at the tremendous waste and destruction that occurred in case 8CA10541.

But, let's just focus on  the monstrous, Judge Samantha Jessner. Jessiner  is a plant of malicous proseutions  - an immoral  phony and life destroyer. That whole courthouse is sick with evil but Judge Jessner will always hold a most important role as she started the darkest chapter of a maniacally malicius prosecution,  on August 12 of 2009

Samantha Jessner's  bogus and barbaric decisions in January of 09 were more than bad enought but   to allow diseased shrews like Jennifer "I'd sell my children" for a promotion Waxler, and Felise "proud to be despised by all good men" Kalpakian to do what they did and to play along with them has caused inexplicable pain and hardship to people a millions times more worthy than this disgusting amoral woman named Samantha Philips Jessner.
She could never ever explain her choices and she never will try because chances are sociopaths can care less what damages they leave in their wake.

Her choices and fraudulent rulings would make no sense to any reasonable man and she knows that. Now, she has emboldened shady little cowards  like James "I'm a tiger" Silverstein, Peter "the old bastard" Knecht and a Stanely" the poor man's larry david" Lieber to try to escape liability by using her con games to their advantage.

She knows what she did,  but she didn't know that this bright and highly competent person would never let it go until she got  justice for herself and her family. And, she didn't suspect that nothing will break this person. Look at how much she has endured and she never broke a bit, and she never will especially when so much is at stake.
You don't just degrade and jail and steal from  innocent people and not at least get mentioned in some stupid blog, lady!

Shame on you, dishonorable Samantha Jessner-- you destroyer of innocents and innocence.
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