Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tig Notaro is a drastic disaster, reader in Slovenia.

Someone in Slovenia is looking up "Tig Notaro Disaster" I won't even get into the googles from Kentucky because they are googling the only ambigous character in the travesty/saga, and I would never slander or call needless attention to anyone who is not a stone cold sociopath.

WTF is going on? Every day plenty of  hits from folks all over the world and this blog is no labor of love. In fact, I donate an average of 30 seconds a day to it.
I surely hope many will know that Tig Notaro is a huge disaster and she has created a huge disaster for lots of good, and bad people. If I wasn't 100 percent telling the truth she would long ago have sued. She has many attorneys, according to herself. Yet, she never could because the jury, if and when they find out, will despise her and Willen and the rest.

So, Slovenia, yes, Tig Notaro is a vile and obscene disaster. That sounds way too mild for what she's done. What has she done? She falsely accused someone and then when whe was sued she falsely accused them some more and then she blithely and gleefully devastated the lives of innocent and very excellent human beings.

She invented a boogey man so as to garner some advantage or attention and the target of her lies and slanders and worse went through hell on earth because Tig Notaro is a dangerous and deranged imbecile. We won't even get into Stef Willens role and how evil and sick a disease she is. I pity and pray for anyone who crosses  the paths of those loco loco lesbos.

I'll  forget, for today, the malpracticing bastard attorneys and the worlds grossest and lamest wannabe comedian, Scott Boxenbaum.
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