Friday, February 25, 2011

Jackie Kashian is a perjurer

That's a fact. Someone in Riverside California is looking those keywords up. " Jackie Kashian Perjurer,"

They should know that Jackie Kashian and her grisly little friends, Jeff Klinger and Martha Kelly are liars and perjurers on top of being grasping untalented wannabes.  The amoral and shapeless Jackie Kashian is some gross piece fo work. She and the malformed Felise Cohen Kalpakian should become BFF's. Two hideous liars - one a malicious prosecutor one a malicious wannabe comedian. 

Scott Boxenbaum is their male counterpart FYI. My god, that old man is disgusting.

Jackie Kashian was so desperate to finally move up in the world and  she did terrible things. She is  a terrible and scary freak, to be blunt.
Her appearance and comedy are way  below par, let's be honest, but that is no excuse for what she was willing to do to get a gig. Shame shame shame on the lame lame comedian Jackie Kashian.
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