Friday, December 30, 2011

Tig Notaro and Stef Willen are perjuring psychopathic stalkers

And, they were able to hire, through an Allison Hart Sievers, a filthy lying perjuring psychopath named John Gregozek.  John Gregozek pretends to work for the LAPD but he actually works for the Lavely and Singer Law Firm. John Gregozek has no regard for people's time or reputations or what is true of what is false. But, he does care a lot if you dare call him a sausage after months of him openly working with Lavely and Singer rather than making the most minimal effor to do the job the taxpayer pays him to do.

 Then, when his fake charges start to really smell than Allison Hart Sievers starts calling her friends  Kelly Boyer and the gang at the City Attorney . Then when all this fails to scare off the victims... Allison Hart Sievers will start lobbyingcertain judges to play along if they want Marty Singer's contributions and support. The rest is a history in jaw dropping injustice, and story that will never go away until the guilty are held accountable.

Basically, it means that without an reasonable suspicion of a crime, much less a crime, innocent and law abiding people suddenly are at the mercy of non stop perjury and fake search warrants(Ruse warrants) and then any tactic such psychopaths as Martin Boags, John Gregozek, and Judge Maria Stratton can dream up to beat down those they've screwed.

When this still fails to result in a baseless plea bargain, Allison Hart Sievers gets Judge Maria Stratton to bring in ghoulish freaks like Dr. Kaushal Sharma and Dr. Francisco Velarde and on the take judges such as Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge  Karla Kerlin, and Judge Robert Vanderet(All appointees of Lavely and Singers number one client, Arnold Shwartezenneger btw) to seal the deal.
Who wins:  Dangerous and evil stalkers like Tig Notaro and the person who would benefit the most-- Stef Willen.  Stef Willlen, without benefit of talent now gets Tig Notaro to buy off writing contests. "Vote for my creepy friend and I'll get you  comedy gig." I'll give it to Mathilde-- she is the Charles Manson of Comedy.

 Stef Willen relied exclusively on this Tig Notaro to provide her with friends and jobs and just a life. And, she was able to win that back by doing what it took to bury those who were oblivous to these facts and who trusted her. Notaro wins too  by getting to pretend she has that thing that famous people have-- a stalker. Notaro knows and so many know that Notaro and Willen(And Gregozek for the matter) are the stalkers

Crazy and very hideous Notaro

are so fed up with not reaching any fame that sure... invent a stalker. This is a woman who bed wet till she was in her teens and who couldn't graduate 9th grade after three tries. What a strange and sick fellow is this Mathilde Notaro, and what a chronic criminal she is. She committed non stop aggravated perjury in order to obtain a void restraining order and then throughout.  She knows and we know and now many now that  she repeatedly stalked us by making false claims to the police.

She's been served now with the lawsuit that she started, after evading service for months. She/It/whatever will soon be exposed as the destructive pathological freak that she  is.

The idea that I called her "IT" is what set off the series of retaliations in the first place. I accidentally punctured the ego of a sociopath. That is at the root of this whole endless stry.
But, I don't refer to her as "It" to be mean. I seriously and realistically realize that she is not a woman or a man but an IT-- some abstract demon creature, in other words.
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