Thursday, December 20, 2012

Judge Karla Diane Kerlin is the pits, fellow googlers

Lots of searches for Tig Notaro is a sociopath and then four separate searches for Judge Karla D. Kerlin, yesterday. I had a feeling if I googled I'd find out why such a sudden upsurge in searches for Karla Kerlin.

Well, nothing dramatic. All her actual crimes have not gotten her sent to Federal prison yet, but I learned that not only was she sent somewhere in East LA( sounds like some kind of demotion but I can't be sure) but that now she presides over civil cases and not criminal. Recently a decision of hers was affirmed but that means absolutely nothing, truthwise. Judge Karla Kerlin will break every law and never once consider facts or law or common decency, but she has done enough favors and enough politicking to assure that she gets away with everything. She is mafia, but without the integrity, and with benefit of a good education .

As sad as that is, and as scary, it's some slight good news. I have been told that being put in civil is a demotion from criminal. It's certainly safer for the public that these two are not free to jail and ruin more people who did nothing to deserve it. Demotion is a joke and many recognize that this is the only punishment that the most corrupted judges face. But, it will do till Karma or god or some other powerful force for good teaches very bad people their lessons.I'll do my bit too.
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