Monday, July 15, 2013

Advice to John Gregozek, and all the greedy criminals playing cop for the LAPD's Threat Manufacturing unit

If you don't like to be dissed on a blog, cease and desist with your practice of railroading innocent people on behalf of Lavely and Singer, and other similarly devious firms. Some folks don't take kindly to being used by pasty faced assholes such as, John Gregozek, to advance his desire to get rich and hob nob with celebrities. Was Tig Notaro worth it,Gregozek? Was that dried up( and persistently obscure, even when faking cancer) husk worth destroying the name and peace of me and my family? Not to mention all those other things you and know you did. "John Gregozek 2014" will be your search word soon if you don't get put in custody before then, you filthy little stalker. Search Referral: — john gregozek 2013 #5 Host Name: Browser: Safari 6.0 IP Address: — palmdale gregozek? Operating System: MacOSX Location: Huntington Beach, California, United States Resolution: 1280x800 Returning Visits: 18 Javascript: Enabled Visit Length: 4 seconds ISP: Time Warner Cable
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