Friday, July 19, 2013

Tig notaro criminal releases album "Lies." Hilary Redmon pushes criminal tig notaro on unwittingly public to justify her bad book deal

Tons of hits with search words "tig notaro criminal," and these googlers find themselves here. Good to know that something has shifted and tig notaro criminal is the main keyword in the last week.
  There is not yet a complete resource to show how dangerous and how evil is this "brave cancer survivor," with the most awful name ever i.e Tig Notaro. But, it's in the works, and long overdue. Overdue because Notaro's sociopathy makes her a lousy nemesis. Sociopathy allows her infinite energy and she never is weakened by a crisis of conscience. She never succumbs to shame. She wants money and fame and she will kill for it. She will steal for it. She will lie and lie and lie and promise others gigs and gifts if they help her pull off her assorted schemes. Feeling guilty or having second thoughts about her crimes are not something she has ever experienced.
So, yes googlers, Tig Notaro is a criminal, and a con artist, of those most vicious kind. The type who throws Thanksgiving parties to celebrate the suffering of her victims. She will get sued for defamation but she can never sue for it. Because she knows what she has done, and how she got away with it. She is either the luckiest sociopath that ever lived or she is being prepped for the next plague.She doesn't believe in god or karma, but I sort of do-- most of the time.
 And, she stole from you too. She stole a fortune from the taxpayers, and she needs to return it all.
She started her crime spree with another disturbed lesbian named Stef Willen in 2008, and hasn't let up since. Now her crimes have included getting rich from cancer hoaxes, and encouraging the public to download her cancer routine titled "Live" but really is "Lies."  The release of  Mathilde "Tig" Noaro's "Lies' is in the works but' I'll have to do the releasing cause pathological liars won't release it themselves.
  Some stupid Label "Secretly Canadian" is releasing her I am so twisted that I would lie about anything tape as some "album". They are the Hunter Siedmans of music labels, and this grotesque ugly duckling is their golden goose. Now, major publications are sent PR releases, from PR firms hired by Hilary Redmon,and the public will be duped into donating to cancer charities if they send Tig Notaro their Money.

 Don't do it. It will go straight into her grubby little man hands. and she will only use it to buy off down and out comedians or pay more to PR firms so they can try and try and try to make her a "name," In the end, the house of cards being built, will come crashing down. Donate that money to her victims who truly are brave and humorous in the face of the real adveristy instigated by this tig notaro monstrosity. Too much irony to handle.
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