Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Martin Singer and LAPD's Threat Management named in Grand Jury Compliant for public corruption

Lawyer, Martin Singer, from notoriously unethical law firm, Lavely and Singer has been named in Grand Jury Complaint, brought by men's groups and a Voice for men.
LAPD's Threat Management(manufacturing actually-- copyright coyote shivers,) also named. Overwhelming evidence of collusion, corruption, and cover up in the Los Angeles legal system. In this particular case, an innocent and too trusting man, Coyote Shivers, has been persecuted for a decade by a vindictive psychopath, and worse: A  system that was bought off with her large salarym and her ability to fund dirty lawyers and dirty cops and dirty judges. Lots of dirty people involved.
This kind of story would be splashed all over the media, in the past. NCIS star Pauley Perrette accused of astounding levels of treachery, and aided and abetted by tons of public servants. But, the past is replaced by a present where journalism is worse that dead. It functions as a PR machine for the ruthlessly ambitious. Just send them a PR release and have them rubber stamp it so they can say they filed a story in time.
Here's what's going on in a nutshell.:
Essentially, if you retain Martin Singers firm, Lavely and Singer, or a similarly powerful lawyer such as Ron Litz-- the tax payer will fund your vendetta/andor your need to advance or preserve your Hollywood aspirations. If you have a skeleton in your closet, they will make sure that it stays in the closet-- even if they have to make skeletons out of the adversary, or any witness to their racket. See suspicious deaths of LAPD officer and whistleblower, Jacqueline Montalvo, and then Lisa Williamson.
Martin Singer and Litz charge 500 dollars an hour. That's maximum wage. 8 hour day will make them more than most make in a few months. You'd need to have a record of winning even the unwinnable case- for that kind of dough.
Why do I say, that you, the taxpayer, is funding the vendettas of celebrity's or celebrity wannabes? Well, A whole sham police unit (that purports to protect stars from stalkers ,)actually exists to win "Stars" their civil disputes. Is that service, or what? According the cases I know of-- The celebrity or wannabe(such as gruesome tig notaro) merely has to submit their allegations. That is ALL! Just throw out anything and the TMU will take it from there. Investigations? Nope. That's not what they are there to do. Beg them to talk to witnesses and they will scoff. Trust me on this. John Gregozek and James Hoffman scoff at the suggestion that you talk to witnesses that prove that everything alleged by this "high profile" freak is false.
 There are not enough real stalkers to justify such a unit, so they create stalkers so they can schmooze celebrities, get high paying security jobs, and receive the generous federal funding given them by clueless governmental entities.  They even manipulate the press to release false stories of stalking so as to convince the public that such a unit is legitimate. They harken back to Rebecca Sheaffers murder so as to use this pretty and sweet girl's tragedy to substantiate their lucrative criminal enterprise.
TMU Detective, John Gregozek, admitted to,Henya Spitzberg, this when he told her via phone, " What could I do. You sued her didn't you," as his reasoning for bringing false charges against Alisa Spitzberg. John Gregozek also said, " Stay off the internet and your legal problems will be over."  In other words, they will turn the most basic free speech situations into crimes.
John Gregozek now has a dream job where he caters to Mila Kunis, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, and Halle Berry.  Though he shot a man already and he stole a fortune from tax payers, destroys the lives, careers, names of countless individuals-- this meatloaf faced psychopath is free and living it up in Huntington Beach. He merely has to look to Martha Defoe and her retirement at only 44 years of age, to see that he too can live the celebrity lifestyle by so shrewdly playacted as a real Detective.
Members of this bogus unit , and their lumpy supervisor, Detective Jeffrey Dunn, will submit false reports and do everything to railroad anyone who poses a challenge to the interests of "high profile," clients. They were assured by Delgadillo and then Trutanich's deputy city attorney goons that the fix was in. Enough were on board to close the deal when railroading innocent people was the goal.
 In the case of  cancer con artist, Tig Notaro, her promise to help Marty Singers' daughter, Jackie Singer, with Jackie's comedy career, had him and Allison Hart treating this mentally challenged( and then wholly obscure lesbian) as an A-lister. Now, Mathilde " call me tig cuz I' m a moron," Notaro hailed as honest and heroic by the likes of Ira Glass and Loius CK. OY VEY.
The Threat Management Unit must laugh. One of those bitter laughs. I bet they hate her guts. That ugly little mutant with the godawful moniker of "tig,"
caused them a lot of grief. And it will call them grief for many many years to come.
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