Friday, September 27, 2013

corrupt public servant,Felise Kalpakian, certified in sports medicine and extremee maliious prosecutions, wants your business!

Fat, and ferociously malicious Felise Cohen Kalpakian wrote this on Facebook, on September 8th 2013. She did so as a means to scam others. Why do I deduce that from this(see Felise Kalpakian pitch to the unwitting public directly below) Read below her statement for the reason I have no trust in a word this warthog has to say, and neither should you.

Felise Kalpakian, CPT, NASM, Los Angeles City attorney or DCA( who is the go to girl when malicious prosecutions are in progress. Felise will lie, steal and cheat holocaust survivors if it gets Felise money or prestige.)

September 8.
Directly from fat and vicious felise's facebook page.

Hi friends, as some of you may know, for many years I have been working out -- strength training, Pilates and yoga. You may also know that for many years I have struggled with physical pain and weight gain. In the last year, I have made some fantastic progress on all of those fronts. So much so, that I decided to follow in my amazing sister's footsteps (Robin Cohen, owner and operator of At One Fitness and Muay Thai School USA in North Hollywood) and become a Personal Trainer. I am pleased to announce that I am now an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer. I am also about to complete my specialty in Fibromyalgia Fitness Training as well. I feel uniquely qualified to help others, particularly women 40 and over who are experiencing many of the symptoms that I have struggled with for years.
I am now available to see clients. Because I know that changing our bodies and patterns are a process, I am offering the first two sessions for free. Our first session will consist of intake questions and physical assessments. The second session will be a full training. Sessions are one hour. I am so excited about sharing all that I have learned with all of you! If you are interested, please call me at 818-207-6784. You can also email me at

Love to you all,

Dear prospective felise Kalpakian clientele such as Patty Mcgee De Felis,

Firstly, Felise Kalpakian is a sociopath and cannot feel love. So, her sign off is offensive. Secondly, I image the public at large(which includes traumatized defendants and disgusted deputies from the los angeles public defender's office, would be very surprised to learn that one of the flabbiest and meanest deputy city attorneys every to disgrace the office of the city attorney(and she had a lot of competition under Delgadillo and Trutanich) was doing yoga and pilates while trying to get innocent defendants locked up in Prison and Patton. You would think that psychopaths like Felise Kalpakian would be court ordered by Judge Samantha Jessner to never do a downward dog. The thought of nefarious fattie Felise in such a position brings a nausea that knows no name. OMG, the yoga practitioners behind her must have passed out. That disastrous ass in the air? Gross is too too mild an impression.
Not only does Felise Kalpakian steal tax payer money to fund outrageously malicious prosecutions, but she tries to strengthen her core as she does so. When I had the misfortune of seeing this thing her core was a hopeless mess.
She now alleges that she has fibromyaliga. Stef Willen said she had that too. Maybe it's an ailment that strikes psychos or maybe it's one they like to make up to get sympathy.
But as a notorious liar, Felise likely has no such ailment. Kalpakian is capable of breaking serious oaths as she flagrantly invented provable lies, and present them to courts of law. She is capable of subverting all due process and law as she seeks to improve her shabby lot in life. That story is getting told . When it is fully told, Kalpakian will be reviled by all good humans. In the meantime, do not let this ruthless criminal profit from her newest scam.
Miss Probable cause to know that Felise Kalpakian is a corrupt public official who is only fit for an x large orange Lynwood Jumpsuit.

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Candy Lind Congrats Felise!!

September 9 at 4:25pm..

Patti Magee De Felicis You go girl! Many people live with the pain of Fibromyalgia and don't know that something can be done about it. Part of my studies involve the nutritional aspect of Fibromyalgia. What I am (still) learning is you don't have to live with tons of pain all the time.

September 8 at 6:44pm..

Image of Martin Boags. Crony to Felise Kalpakian. His mother, sister and then wife all died shortly after his unprosecuted crimes in Case 8CA10541. He might have killed them or karma did. Who knows. Google Kalpakian's fellow criminal, "Martin Boags." to see how this dude reeks of moral turpitude issues.Unbenched his judge father and then free to keep up his anti social ways as a city attorney in LA.tragic, really.
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