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John Gregozek acts agressive and confronts others at atapworldwide conference at disneyland

Some of the shady dealings that took place were reported to the media, And, the media buried it after a few well placed calls from Marty Singer. So, this blog is the only avenue in which to read about awesome speeches, and hear about the awesome sandwiches served at the 2013 ATAP Conference, sponsored by the ill gotten gains of the LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

Suffice it to say that the Disneyland Resort Hotel was teeming with corrupt cops masquerading as Threat Management professionals. And, if that doesn't suffice, I'll add that non since the Aryan Nation held their conference next door to 1150 Magic way, has Magic way been so energized by the tragic, rather than the magic. Why tragic? Because there is something very tragic about what the LAPD's Threat Management has been able to do not only to lives of those that they degrade and damage, but it is tragic too that they robbed the taxpayers blind as they pursued their blind ambitions.

This blogger certainly can't speak to the dark characters of all taking part in this days long testament to buffets,buffoons, and conferences, but she can say with certainty that defectives in the LAPD's Threat Managment Unit:John Gregozek, Jeffrey Dunn, Jose Viramontes, Martha Defoe, James Hoffman, and the lawyers who bribe them love them, Allison Hart and Ronald Litz are as dirty as a ... dirty as... Just think of something super duper dirty, ok?

This investigative  blogger of sorts( who is also out of sorts) wasn't invited, of course, but she was told by a source that those not smart enough to be DA's, and so forced to be insane CA's (City  Attorneys) Martin Boags, Kathleen Ford, Jennifer Abrams Waxlker Elizabeth Gertz Biderman, Kelly Boyer, Bernie Brown, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, and other assorted shabby and complicit deputy city attorneys out of Los Angeles, were present and thrilled to be in the company of those whose stated goal is to hang out with celebrities vanquish celebrity stalkers. Or, to destroy the names and livelihoods of those that don't impress them as rich and famous celebrities(Pauley Perrette) or alternatively as well represented non entities( Mathilde "Tig" Notaro)

 Rumors of a tornado being instigated by Felise Kalpakian's backfat confronting the rabbit teeth of her role model, Martin Boags, proved to have been merely a rumor started by a lovely lass by the name Alisa Spitzberg

You, see,Alisa Spitzberg, had to sustain a nearly two year malicious prosecution/incredible nightmare and she fought these soulless sychophants will all she had.  It wasn't over and is still not over, but at the end of the criminal trial that never should have taken place, in the first place --  All seven charges of misdemeanor mockery were dismissed by H. Randolph Moore. Dismissed by the judge in very rare dispositions. Dispositions that make it clear that none of these charges should have ever been brought, and that there is something very wrong with the Restraining order scams and false prosecutions taking place in Los Angeles and involving the LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

 Non stop laws being broken,  and non stop breaches of protocols on the part of  LAPD's Threat Management eunuchs, the office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, the pubic defender's office, too many judges to name( but name I will,) and DA's such as Richard "Dick" Vagnozzi and the others who were apprised of the competency scheme in Division 95, and then the private attorneys who took the money and RAN when those saw how dangerous it was to fight these sort of forces. 

Spitzberg's ability to foil such filth has led her become punchy. Her ability to foil such an onslaught of Goliathan wickedness with only the insipid assistance of public pretender, Alissa Sterling, only added to said punchiness.... so now she starts silly rumors about Felise Kalpakians backfat colliding with Martin Boag's teech. So sue her or me or us.... but don't try the false charge thing again as a means to silence... that's didn't work.

L.A Superior court judges that are complicit with this bizarre status quo such as Dennis Landin,  Maria Stratton, Gerald Rosenberg , Mark Mooney, Mary Lou Villar De Longoria, Georgina Ricz, Karla Kerlin, Samantha Jessner, Maria Stratton, Elizabeth Grimes, Jaqueline Connor, Hank Goldberg, Robert Vanderet and Richard Fruin were invited but were othewise engaged at the gavel banging ball that Marty Singer had created for them in Beverly Hills, on the same date.

 It has been reported that Judge Maria Stratton's "Bribe me and I'll deny any bail to non violent misdemeanor defendant's who have never been late to 23 court sessions, previous to the competency scheme.." gala was a success with this gang of unlovable thugs AKA Arnold  Shwartzenegger's appointees to the bench. You see Marty Singer is the guy that got Arnold elected even after all the adultery and all that groping and as a favor... Martin was permitted to pick the judges that would then rule in Martin Singer's favor. Most weren't judge material and otherwise would not have been picked so all are grateful to Martin Singer and their "rulings" reflect that.
Dr. Kaushal Sharma, Dr. Francisco Velarde, Dr. Kristen Ochoa, and mentally deranged "mental health professionals," such as Sandra Baca and Sabrina Di Biaggio,  were there to offer illegal drugs to any jurist that chose to enhance the high of abusing their power in spectacular ways, and getting away with it. YEAR AFTER YEAR.

But, let us return to the shenanigans occurring on Magic Way and let us only focus( for the purpose of this dispatch ,) on the speech made by LAPD Threat Manufacturer, John Gregozek, and let us only focus on the legislation that I foresee is passed in light of his inspired speech.

In the afternoon session, John Gregozek, took the podium and suggested that five years have passed and he is still in Huntington Beach, and not prison, and so the gathered unprofessional assholes of threat assessment fabrication better listen up.
John" Sharon Stone knows my name!" Gregozek then proceeded to go into a rambling diatribe about how investigation is for poor pussies, and he never conducted one in his now decade long career and  was doing just fine. He then signed up for free fitness classes with the clearly unfit danger to herself and others, Felise Cohen Kalpakian.

Had there been a god, the MEU unit( that is often liasoned with the TMU with nefarious intent) would have tasered John and Felise and then promptlyommitted both to Patton in San Bernadino for the rest of their natural lives. Or if they chose I guess keeping them locked up in Gateways would be OK.

But, alas, either there is no god, or this god works in ways too mysterious for the likes of yours truly. Gregozek was free to spew his filth his expertise spiel. The one where absent any inculpatory evidence, and in the presence of only exculpatory evidence against his "Suspect," John Gregozek and his brothers in dirtiness, Jose Viramontes, and James Hoffman, rely on this " based on my training experience" bullshit.

In this seemingly godless Universe, Felise was free to start a facebook page for her fibromygia centric fitness business. Both she and Gregozek were free to continue their lawless and heartless assaults on those  that weren't famous enough for the tastes of this truly terrible two.

My third person reportage has now exceeded the length, I'd intended. I will jump forward to the exciting legislation proposed at this conference and that is sure to be enacted by Congress ASAP. Keep posted for links and pics too.

Some high points of this legislation:  Martin Boags and Gregozek have co-authored a new statute that will make it illegal to be super annoyed when others jail you without charges or alternately,  criminilize expected resentment in the face of cretins like tig notaro using the system to destroy whom she viewed as competition. The Statute will emphasize that  suing someone for defamation is a capital offense so the plea offers can be more terroristic in scope. Also, this nifty legislation allows prosecutors to derail trials in any way they see fit, if they know no jury would convict otherwise.

Elizabeth Gertz and Judge Kathryn Solarzano have put their devious little heads together and  have made it look official with this Calcrim of the elements of the crime.

Element 1. The falsely  accused must be shown to have asserted the first amendment in a manner that was uncomplimentary to the false victim after the false accusations have been leveled.
Element 2. The falsely accused has shown displeasure with the theft of their name, money, rights, what HAVE You. Any tweeting(Coyote Shivers) or Blogging(Alisa Spitzberg) must be viewed by the jury as an act of aggravated murder upon the false accuser.
Element 3: Both element 1 and two.

In a later post, I intend to supply links and pictures of some of the conference attendees. I also will comment on the food, as promised.

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