Thursday, October 3, 2013

Enemy of civil rights, and fat load, Felise Kalpakian, now using "fitness," to scam the public

When defective detective, John "I suck so bad" Gregozek, isn't stuffing Dunkin Donuts down his grimy yap, or visiting fellow filthy cops, Scott and Martha Defoe, in their ill gotten residences in Huntington beach, word is that hirsute harridan, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, certified fitness and fibromyalgia expert (and general evil menace to society) is giving John " Investigation is for poor pussies," Gregozek free fitness classes in her Burbank Bunker.

Ill gotten residences, you ask? Well you see, Martha and Scott Defoe, and John " I donate to Tig Notaro's cancer scams," Gregozek have found a really ugly way to get real rich off  their LAPD badges. In defense of Martha-- She actually weeps when she robs and terrorizes Holocaust survivors. I guess me, my sister and Coyote Shivers, didn't appear to her as human, and it took the world's cutest holocaust survivor to jog her conscience. Strange.

 Still, it's hard to give her much defense if you consider her husband, Scott A. Defoe, was making  a fortune already as a bad cop who moonlighted on CBS shows, and was awarded questionable positions and medals. CBS is the same channel that employs and protects serial false accuser, Pauley Perrett. HMMM. HMMMM. Defoe worked often on CSI. Hmmm again.

Then , It appears that Martha " much less intelligent that Walter White," Defoe bilked the city for 750 k on a sexual harassment claim.OR, maybe she was harassed by that roly poly pig, Jeffrey Dunn. Who can trust those who repeatedly railroad innocent people? Not I.
So this millionairess, Martha L. Defoe, has no real excuse, and is craven and corrupt. I guess such ruthless bastards do cry sometimes. I guess Henya Spitzberg could make Hitler cry. Who knows.Martha should send her victims some prostrate with sorry money, but instead she'll send her daughter to Holocaust Museums, and try to convince herself that she isn't going to hell. I'm a big fan of redemption and forgiveness, but none of these assholes see fit to apologize. Then again, such apologies could be met by long jail sentences, and so you just have to wonder how bad they might feel. I would bet good money(that I don't have cause they stole it) that Cletus Carlton(recently of missing persons and no longer in filthy TMU) and Suzanne Lopez felt awful. But... clearly, not awful enough to do the right thing.

Anyhow, just here to plug the budding fitness business of Felise "Backfat" Kalpakian. When not abusing her status as a low status officer of the court, and robbing  the citizens of L.A county blind- Ms. Fatty Felise is running fitness and fibromyalgia scam businesses.
Felise recently told her facebook friends that she practices yoga. Word is that when felise does the downward dog, those who are behind her, faint, and then die.

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