Friday, October 4, 2013

Malicious and flabby los angeles city attorney, Felise Rae Cohen Moron Kalpakian makes time for fitness,flyers flappers

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l kinds of family friendly entertainment available.
"This was such a great party,  everyone stayed the whole time even the older folks." Felise Kalpakian
"The food was amazing and the entertainment was stellar,  please give me a flyer so I can post it at the Temple"   Felise Kalpakian

 That was listed on a flappers website. 

This is what I have to say:

How does she do it? How does Felise Rae Cohen Kalpakian juggle so much and still have time to not just request a flyer from Flappers, but to post it at the Temple??? This is a "woman" who wears way too many hats. It is no wonder that she alleges fibromyalgia. She is spread too thin. No pun intended. If I said she spread herself too fat, the pun would be intended.

Most would look at this grossly out of shape and unkempt yenta, and never know that she makes time to not only tirelessly persecute innocent defendants in Los Angeles, but she has gotten all sorts of letters after that long name, now.  NSM MPS PMS whatever. Such acronyms signify that Felise is now certified to put all your chakrahs out of alignment, and then get you thrown in jail, or dangerous mental hospitals, if  you complain.   Well, that's what I suspect, if you consider Felise's ugly past as a ruthless liar, who would sacrifice her firstborn for a promotion.

With all due disrespect, I write this blog to applaud this waste of space lovingly known by smited city attorney, Martin Boags, as "my soul(less)mate" for putting up flyers for the flappers comedy club. Tig Notaro is a long time patron of flappers and she too applauds you, Lady Felise . Even the old folks would!
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