Friday, October 4, 2013

Judge Karla Kerlin does panels instead of prison.

From time to time, I google the likes of Karla Kerlin. I do so because if life mimicked books or movies, Judge Karla Kerlin would be in prison, for a long stretch, beginning as early as January of 2010. I figure one of these days I'll learn that she has been led away in some real cold handcuffs, and I will gain some peace from this.

This lack of peace comes from justice denied and outrages unacknowledged and also I feel guilty that others are in her cross hairs still. Being in her cross hairs means loss of liberty to innocent human beings. It means that she is there not to serve in any capacity as an unbiased trier of fact. She is there to do whatever it takes for her to advance her own 'I can care less who I destroy' style of self interest.

I have learned the hard way that life is life . No endings are assured. Forget about closure, even resolution has proven impossible. Judge Kerlin is still on the loose, and presiding over some suckers in the East LosAngeles Courthouse.

Judge Karla Kerlin threatened me with "custody" and she made off the record ex parte orders for Millionaire and malfeasance ridden judge, Robert Vanderet, to "send her to division 95 on October 16th." She made the this post it order(it was written on a post it attached to a motion written by her crony, Martin Boags.) on this day, October 4th -- 2009- four years ago.

Karla Kerlin and Robert Vanderet have given me strange Anniversaries. Days where you seethe rather than celebrate. I'm sure those two sociopaths would enjoy it that I seethe rather than celebrate, on this date, but I really can care less what such psychopaths might think.

Well, anyway, so... No dice in the arrest and imprisonment department. Judge Gerald Rosenberg, Karla Kerlin, Maria Stratton, Robert Vanderet, Samantha Jessner et al. are still being well paid to fix cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court. And, I mean FIX CASES.  All still appear to gleefully be abusing the public trust, and it's really scary. It is super scary. It is terrifying. But, there is only so long that you can feel scared before it becomes tedious.

All mentioned judges(and many others, unfortunately,) are not only capable of fixing civil cases but criminal ones. Lately, it's become clear that this is a mix of bad character, and as a means to show their gratitude to Martin Dori Singer for getting his number 1 client, Arnold "My father is a Nazi and I love to grope," Shwartzenegger to appoint these profoundly pernicious bozos to the bench.

Couple in the thug mooks, Rockard Delgadillo and Carmen Trutanich, and you have a recipe for personal disaster if you are forced by cancer con artist, Tig Notaro, to be processed into such a system.

The fact that way too many lawless rulings and suspicious coincidences were occurring in the Los Angeles Superior Court, became clear to a large amount of people when Judge Kathryn Solarzano acted very very badly in the railroading of Coyote Shivers. Before then, only thousands of silent insiders( and silenced outsiders) knew the deal.

Small comfort since Judge Solarzano too is not on a Lynwood backless metal bench, but still perverting justice from her perch in the airport court. Here's some links
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Anyway, back to one specific satanic sewer snipe: Judge Karla Kerlin.

My googling her name led me to this:

At first I thought this took place in 2009, and that at the exact same time that she had me jailed illegally for 31 days, she was cavorting with fancy lawyers like Shawn Holley. But, it was a year later, so it's not that blood boiling.But if you consider the kind of brutal corruption that Kerlin participates in,and that rather being imprisoned this swinish shrew is giving out pearls of "wisdom" at fancy functions.... Well, the blood does boil.
In that linked article Kerlin says she intended to be a public defender. I assure you, dear reader, had Kerlin become a public defender( rather than a ruthlessly corrupt and insanely ambitious sex crimes prosecutor-- and then a judge out of a horror movie-- )she would have thrown every case, or worse. She'd likely invent confessions on the part of the indigent defendants. But, I don't even believe she entertained the notion. Well, I guess she might have used it as a stepping stone as did dirty and long dead judge, Charles Boags, and Alissa Sterling. Kerlin fixes cases for Charles Boag's bereft of morality, son, Martin, so Kerlin likely saw Charles Boags as a role model. Who knows.

The point is...Karla Kerlin and ethics are complete strangers to each other. Karla Kerlin things ethics are for losers. She wouldn't recognize an ethic if it bit her on her growing nose(pinochio reference.) She would see it as a fly. She would try to get the fly imprisoned... I think you got the point!

While innocent defendants suffer in Patton or Jail, Kerlin shares this too. And, years later, I respond. Ha!

From the link attached above:

Judge Kerlin said she is vigilant about her family's safety, especially because in the "age of the Internet, people can find you."

OMG, what a nasty asshole. Society needs to be vigilant from you, karlatini!

Competing for Respect

Judge Kerlin said that the biggest issue she had during her prosecutor days was with jurors. She said, "Sometimes you have older jurors who watch a lot of court T.V. shows. Sometimes if you have to 'go for blood' when cross-examining a witness, they may get turned off by that, and you don't want to alienate them."

My response to this moron: You should only go for blood if you are sure of someone's guilt, or even confident in their guilt. Even, then why go for blood? You should not go for the blood of those who have the spine to not plea when innocent. The fact that you did that as a judge marks you as a dirty monster.  You need to re-evaluate your ruthless ambition issues, Karlatini. Martin Boag's whole family is dying off . consider Karma, Kerlin.

Women in Criminal Law Panel

Judge Kerlin said there are some wonderful women who will form a network with you and be advisors,(editors note: She means that Judge Mary Lou Villar,Allison Hart, Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Elizabeth Grimes, Judge Jackly Connor, and Judge Maria Stratton have all agreed that fixing cases for the rich or for prosecutors is the right way to go) and then there are women who are not mentors to other women. (editors note: There are woman who will terrorize adorable holocaust survivors and innocent and intelligent woman if it advances their agendas, and Kerlin is one of those)Sometimes it is because they are very competitive, but sometimes this is because they are older and feel that they made it in a man's world so why should they help you. "We all need to be helpful to each other and build each other up," she said.

My response to this vicious psycho, Kerlin: And, sometimes it's because they are like Karla Kerlin and have no moral compass. Getting women locked up in Patton and jailed without charges or any viable reason-- is the antithesis of building other women up, you phony little monster.

Dress the Part

Judge Kerlin emphasized that most women jurors expect women lawyers to be in a skirt suit.

My response to Kerlin: WTF is a skirt suit? You never had to think about your outfits, cause you used other methods to win i.e intimidating witnesses, altering documents, jailing those who didn't submit to your agendas, hiding exculpatory evidence, filing more and more charges as a means of intimidation etc. This creep could wear only a lampshade and she'd win. Well, not always-- if her pawn was a millionaire like Gordon Jones then... she could lose, and she did. 17 charges!

Sound Advice

Judge Kerlin and Ms. Blanco said that no matter what profession you choose, you have to love it, especially as attorneys who spend a lot of time working.

Kerlin, you hot mess of malfeasance: No. you have to follow the law too if you choose lawyer and judge. How many stillettos did you mess with as a showgirl?

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