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Comedy mafia: Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll infiltrate the comedy business with the Jules Kroll's empire as supporters

Gotta think posthumously nowadays. I didn't get it so few could get it... Why was Nick Kroll not only listed as a witness for Notaro's malicious and fraudulent applications for restraining orders, but then why would he submit a vicious statement to the prosecutors when the case was set for trial? In that statement it is clear he tried all he could to help get a conviction on what he knew was a huge fraud. He had to explain away so many gaping holes and minimize Notaro's lies and he did so with relish. He wanted that conviction real bad so he could complete the mission started- destroy and discret so tig notaro can get the fame and fortune that rules her every thought.

 All along, it just never came to pass that he appeared as anything other than some low life comedian who was desperately trying to help Notaro with her vendetta. He was never present at any "scene" which makes it all even a bit more obscene.

Another Scott Boxenbaum, but not a billionaire's son. Then the planets aligned or something and the biggest mystery i.e why so much manpower, complicity, willingness to break all laws , the smear campaigns, the strange harasments, the rulings that comported with no law, the involvement of sick whores like dr. khaushal Sharma? Judges Jessner, Vanderet, Stratton, Villar, Landin, Rosenberg, Mooney, Connor,Kerlin, Fruin... all doing things that no American would believe. Our lawyers running off in fear and taking the last of our money. The gag orders imposed under durress  it was much more Kroll than Lavely and Singer, though Lavely and Singer were essential as they were to be the ones who made it look official.  No wonder Gregozek always struck us as some shadowy freak. No wonder Martha Defoe cried. No wonder Franica Tawn and Kratu Patel hinted at forces that made them incapable of truly defending me. No wonder the judge commented on his concern about all the waste and money and manpower when he thought it was a "civil mattter." Just as in the Ian Puddick Case.

 Marty Singer was a tiny potato compared to Jules Kroll. And, so I suppose we are doomed. A Solomon Shecter boy that my mother could have teached(she was a yeshivah teacher) doomed by jews gone so wrong.  As any good Jew knows, it's heartbreaking to witness Jews acted so badly. Oh well. Living in a world where Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro prevail, in such a way, is not a world worth much. Living in a world where judges and prosecutors and cops and journalists are on Kroll's payroll... a world gone to seed in the extreme. There are a lot of witnesses, but if they again retaliate they will never win. Risk Mitigation experts know you don't leave your adversary with too little to lose. As the premier risk management cover up agency, they really should take that into consideration.

So many seemingly in the pocket of Lavely and Singer? The Threat Management unit? It was without a doubt a case of sinister corruption but Nick Kroll's role was not recognized. All wondered why all this for a nobody like Tig Notaro. For the best,that the Kroll CONNECTION eludes us- considering what happened to Jaqueline Montalvo and likely hundreds of those who knew too much.  http://wikispooks.com/wiki/Ian_Puddickhttp://wikispooks.com/wiki/Ian_Puddick

Absent Nick Kroll as Tig Notaro's best friend(according to him in the Washingtonian and the Washington Post,) it would have ended on April 29th 2008. Or, it might have resulted in perjury and lying to the police charges against Stef Willen, and Tig Notaro. Then, maybe perjury for Griffee and Seccia and Whitaker. But, instead the tax payers had to foot the bill for a nightmarish persecution -- all because Nick Kroll wants to be seen as a funny and successful fellow.

 To think that Zionist Jews and Machers like Lynn and Jules Kroll would do this to a Holocaust survivor -who lost her brother in the Sinai war... To think that all along there is a Jewish Mafia and Nick Kroll's father is the Don. To think that Jewish Journalists are rubber stamping the PR releases of Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll due to the sinister powers of Nick's father. It's really terribly mind blowing. To think that a tiny misdemeanor would unleash the evil of Kroll onto three sweet little women. Nick got "Nick and Friends" at Largo soon into it. Tig gets Andrew Goldman to write about her and NICK(what a coincidence) All the press around her cancer set was pure illusion.

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