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Tig Notaro's cancer scam exposed: It was a set up from the start- Part one.

 Tig Notaro has repeatedly said that she not only was diagnosed with invasive cancer, the day before(or hours before) August 3rd 2012, but that she improvised her set, after devising only hours before the 8PM set, that saying I have cancer was so hilarious that she "laughed so hard." She would also say that she did not want word to get out. Then, what she would say about how and why it was taped change with each telling. As does her "diagnosis" and "treatment."  In other words, this woman is lying her ill fitting pants off , and once again she is getting away with it. This time, she has defrauded the public with an elaborate and kinda impressive cancer scam.  Last time she robbed the tax payer blind to satisfy some insane malice issue. 
I know that Tig Notaro is a twisted sociopath ,with a major compulsive lying problem, but too few do, and that is a shame. A really big shame.
Despite her ever changing stories, she has been somewhat consistent about the set being something she did, but didn't want others to see. Yet, as you can see below she was actively promoting it on her facebook, having others push it,and sending press releases to the West Hollywood Patch. Before the invention of her cancer, only the West Hollywood Patch would agree to submit such a press release to their limited viewership.
After the well played cancer set, Notaro was able to float this fake story to the real seeming press, with the help of a machine -oiled by her friendship/connection to  a certain someone. Mind blowing discovery that was.
We can imagine that this ad in a low level rag like the West Hollywood Patch was something that Tig Notaro  was planning to leave behind, if the scheme she and her amazing connection, had devised -worked out. An elaborate and fascinating scheme that only one who had reason to investigate- would. As of August 3rd , Tig Notaro had been hauling ass and getting nowhere special. She would change that and she would get what she thought she deserved.
In this facebook post of August 3rd 2012, she even says she would be performing material she had been writing for the last two weeks. Hardly impromptu,as so often stated. Then, it gets really interesting to realize how the "story" would spread ,and how her stories will change and change and reveal the scam. And, then how Louis CK's stories will expose her, by accident. Stay tuned.
She was setting up this set for the money and press she foresaw. she was being sued and had lost her NBC show. The judge was not yet threatened, and she faced total destruction if justice finally got served. She would be revealed as the worst kind of person possible- A vicious and destructive liar who now would lose all her money to those she had robbed blind, at the very least. Things were so much worse for her, on August 3rd 2012, that she has let on. On that date, she was facing complete decimation for the very vile choices she had made beginning on April 7th 2008, or before.
C-Diff wasn't sexy enough . Way too obscure a disease, she figured. So why not Cancer?  And, a usually reticent comedian is on her facebook, at 1:30 in the afternoon, urging all to make this happen- to publicize and capitalize what I(and you) will increasingly see as the scam it was, and is.
Before the set that Kira Hesser would describe as "Historic" on her August 5th Blog, the West Hollywood Patch was either contacted or prophetic. Looky here.

Friday's Scoop: Tig Notaro, Faux Spiritual Guru

Almost break-out comedian Tig Notaro tells jokes at Largo, while a documentary about a faux spiritual guru screens at the Silent Movie Theatre.

"Greetings and welcome to City Scoop. Today is Friday, August 3, the 216th day of 2012. Here’s what’s going on in West Hollywood today.

Tig for Tack  
 Entertainment Weekly named the comic as someone who seems ready to break out into stardom at a moment’s notice. That moment could come tonight as Notaro does her stand-up routine ...
And she was urging others to come to this show though she'd say this to Fresh Air's Terry Gross. The whole world knew? How was this so known in the morning of August 4th 2012 when Louis CK didn't tweet till the afternoon?: 
On Louis CK's 'Masterful' Tweet About Her Set
"I went to bed that night. I'm not on Twitter and I don't follow blogs. ... I woke up the next day and my phone when I turned it on just kept beeping, just so many voice mails and text messages. I didn't understand how the whole world knew I had cancer. I was so confused, and then to go from the 300 people that night to the world knew. ... My first thought when I was diagnosed was, 'Oh, I have to keep this a secret. I don't want to lose work.' And then that just blew the roof off that. It was just so funny, because I was talking to my manager just days before like, 'How are we going to keep this a secret?' "

Makes a better story that an obscure blogger named Kira Hesser was there and would write a b.s breathless sort of blog on August 5th 2012 --that would be referenced by Jezebel and Huffington Post's Carol Hartsell- a day before it was posted!!!  I have all that saved up for the next post. Let's get to the Facebook.
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