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Tig Notaro's cancer scam: Flashback to her rotten doctor who ignored her lump story- Part 2

The lies of Notaro keep a coming. Some are more complicated ones where you have to find her statements and show that she keeps changing even the most fundamental "facts" about her well publicized cancer set.

 As in my case, her own words, over time, reveal her as not only a liar, but a diabolical liar, who will lie about very serious things such as being a victim of crime, and about having cancer. I clearly have bias against this cretin. But, even I am shocked that she would lie so openly to so many people.

Her incredible lack of credibility has been aided and abetted for too long at my expense, so it is in my interest to out this fraud ASAP.

 But, you do not have to rely on me as your narrator. You simply have to read what I write, double check the associated links, and then make the decisions for yourself.

One particularly suspect story involves her discovery of a "lump in my teat" a year before she took the stage, and then engaged the press en masse- In this telling, covered by Huffington Post- who recount her Podcast of July 31st 2012- Notaro talks of finding this lump and going to her "regular doctor." Then, this regular doctor person looks at the lump- examines it too, and says, "this does not concern me.

In the podcast the part about the doctor looking at it is included. In the Huffington Post it just seems as if she didn't even look at it.
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Flash forward to Thing having to be in the hospital for a week or longer(her stories constantly change as to days and times and ...) in March and then again some other time of 2012 when she has a relapse from the C-diff. One can  infer that despite the immune issue diseases such as Pneumonia and C-Diff might indicated, Ms. Notaro never thinks about this lump, during the many days she spends in the hospital. And, then the many days before and after.

 In her podcast of July 31st 2012 and August 7th 2012, she goes on to talk about all the "testing" she endured in the hospital, so we know it's not like the doctors and nurses weren't checking stuff out. It's not like they and she wouldn't be curious about a lump she had seen fit to investigate a year before? If I suddenly got really sick with illnesses that require tons of testing and hospitalization-- I'd certainly consider that the lump should be rechecked.

But no Notaro keeps mum. Then, on the Podcast of July 31st,  Notaro says another curious thing to the every gullible seeming David Hunstberger: She tells him that upon release from the hospital, Notaro returned to the " I'm unconcerned" regular doctor lady and again asked her to look at the lump. And, what did this indifferent to tumors doc say? Well, she again said, " I am not concerned." But this time indifferent doc adds, "  But you should probably get a mammogram."
This all could be found in Notaro's insufferable podcast, Professor Blastoff. No need to  take my word.
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  • So, now we are to believe that this incompetent doctor- who allowed a lump to go unchecked-  for a year, is visited when all the resources of the hospital were at Ms. Notaro Disposal??
    Ok, fine. Let's stretch our minds to afford her some benefit of the doubt.  Notaro maybe thinks only this doctor has any expertise in breast lumps. Maybe she didn't want all those doctors in the hospital to look at her lump. She's perhaps loyal about this  lump when it comes to her "regular doctor."

    So the story goes: This loathsome physician again almost dismissed what would be stage two invasive cancer, but this time our heroine, Tig Notaro, drags herself out of her morass(ill and has been dumped by a girlfriend after mother dies,) to finally get that mammogram. The result is "abnormal" and she is told to come in for an appointment that should take no longer than 45 minutes, but again those idiotic doctors keep her there for "more than six hours." At the end of this marathon day of breast testing-- she is told that it is "probable that you have cancer in both breasts" and though the doctor tries to schedule biopsies Ms. Notaro just leaves without having anything scheduled.

    Walla, she now can starting selling her scam. story.

    And, I can't promise the reader that I will prove that she does not have cancer. That's impossible unless I had the powers of Nick Kroll behind me. If Nick Kroll was my BFF I could illegally access anything I want- including hospital and health records for Ms. Notaro.

    I don't have that kind of luck- to have earned the affections of the son of Jules Kroll, so I must rely on articles and podcasts, gut instincts, and common sense driven realizations--and that has led me to see that story doesn't add up. From the inception - the discovery of said lump a year before, to the actions regarding the lump a year later, and then the diagnosis,  and the set up of the story. DOES NOT ADD UP AT ALL.

    Then, I'll show how the press was engaged and what kind of "journalists" were on board to sell this fishy fishy tall tale.

    Stay Tuned, as they say.

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