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Kroll Show Review : Starring Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro and their sweet old cancer scam- Part One. Co-starring lots, but for now- Louis CK and Ira Glass.

A year and four months after being diagnosed with stage 2 aggressive cancer in both breasts, (Heinz Cancer,)Mathilde “Tig” Notaro is not only cancer free, but she recently told Peter Holmes of’s, and TBS talk show host, that “she is very happy that she had cancer.” 

The cancer comedy set, that she would claim was spur of the moment, had not only sparked a whirlwind of press and opportunity,but it has been nominated for a grammy. 

Scott Shelter, a blogger for the Examiner, appears to have the inside scoop, when he predicts  Tig Notaro as the “odds on favorite” to win it.

And, there is little reason to suspect that Ms. Notaro will lose at the Grammys. It has all been a dream, since she claims to have been diagnosed with cancer, sometime in July of 2012.

Her health has stayed excellent, since September  4th 2012 -- when she’d claim to have had a double mastectomy, that was so successful it evoked laughter in her surgeons. She’d tell Elle Magazine’s Ariel Levy this:

“There are the writing and acting gigs, more stand-up, and her book project, the proposal for which sold during her operation. When she awoke from surgery, though, there was a far more thrilling piece of news. "My surgeon was laughing and saying: ‘We got it all, it didn’t spread, and you’re all set.’ " Notaro recalled. "When it turned, it really turned."

She claimed to Lily Rothman of Time Magazine that she was "very drugged up" when the book deal was signed. Is that legal?

To Lily she also claimed there was no proposoal-

 LR: Was that the original idea for the book, in your proposal?

  Tig Notaro: There wasn’t a book proposal. They just basically said ‘we’ll take your book.’ There was a bidding war! I woke up from my surgery, my double mastectomy, and had a book deal. My deal went through that day. The auction was going on while I was under the knife.

Were you still woozy when you heard about it?
I was pretty drugged up for several days. I remember that my book deal had gone through and they had gotten the cancer. There were a few points that I remember, that people told me, but in general I was highly drugged

 On a October 4th 2012 podcast, she told her cohosts, and audience,that she would only partake of “natural treatments.”  The update came in the last minute of the podcast, and no more detail was provided.

In preparation for Louis CK’s release of an audiotape, on October 5th 2012, she told Terry Gross of Fresh Air, why she’d be fine with just those natural remedies.

GROSS: What's your prognosis now?

NOTARO: I spoke with my doctor, who told me the testing came back, and I have a 7 percent recurrence rate. So that's beyond amazing.

Notaro would then tell podcast cohosts, David Hunstberger and Kyle Dunnigan, and any listener,that the doctors were supportive of natural remedies, because they’d “gotten all the cancer and I’m in good shape.”

In September of 2012, she told her ever faithful chronicler, Carol Hartsell(Senior comedy editor of the Huffington post, and avid chronicler of all things Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro,)this

“ So as it stands right now after my surgery I will begin chemo. And my surgery is gonna be in Los Angeles and then I’m gonna start chemo in New York.”

On August 23rd 2013, nearly a year later, she told Claire Black this:

“I didn’t really start doing stand-up again until three months ago,” she says, explaining that after having a double mastectomy and radiotherapy she wasn’t in any physical or emotional state to be getting on stage. “

Strangely, she got on stage non-stop, and traveled extensively. A few months after talking to Claire Black, but more than a year after surgery, in October 2013, she told Peter Holmes, she would, “begin hormone shots in a few weeks.”

Whatever the case, she has stated herself only last month that, “I haven’t missed a beat.” and that is borne out by her flurry of travel and activity beginning only 16 days after claiming to Carol Hartsell that she’d had a double mastectomy on September 4th 2012-.

Has there been any downsides or downtime post diagnosis?
Just one she would share.

  Denver Post Writer, John Wentzel, called it  a “good problem.”

I was getting ready to do my first hour-long show in a theater in Iowa City after all of that press,” And I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s probably all these pear-shaped housewives that have been through breast cancer and such a new [to me] mix of people in the audience.’ It was really hitting me, and I started to get stressed about it.

Oh my gosh. Mainstream popularity leading to the specter of square cancer stricken pear shapes -- oppressing her when she just needs to be who she is. Whom ever that may be.

Who is she?

From her professor blastoff podcast “Honesty.”
Missy Pyle: It’s better to tell the truth cause it’s harder to remember lies.

Tig Notaro: I can’t even remember the truth… but I get a feeling…

Kyle Dunnigan: Thanks your honor.

From her Myspace blog in 2007-
“ I make things up as I go along. I make things up as I want them to be. Repeat it till it’s true. I get away with it cause I’m adorable.”

From star witness Martha Kelly’s blog in 2007-  The people who didn’t like Tig's driving were disturbed by her combination of speeding and saying things like "I'm not afraid of dying" and "Nothing really matters anyway."


the dvd "operation googsie" will be for sale one day w/all money going to charity OR right up my nose. i haven't decided yet..... in other hurricane news, a little over a year ago, hbo had approached me to pitch/develop a show with them... Kyles (Kyle Dunnigan) is a nice friend. you need people around you that are THAT comfortable with lying right to your face

And, in unrelated news, my plan to start a band fell apart. turns out our lead guitarist was on smack. i'm not even really sure what "smack" is exactly, but i know that she was on it because people said things like, "i literally think she's on smack." i still hear from our night ranger-style singer/drummer laura silverman daily accusing me of firing her and her demanding to be back in the band.
Tig: Well, we almost got our asses kicked last night. We stayed at this guy’s house who literally went crazy while we were staying there and almost murdered us, so it’s not really as fun as it sounds.
 In a message dated 4/21/2007 2:28:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes to alisa spitzberg:
> alisa,
> back now at my place. had a crazy night. went to the normandie room with tig and her friend from denver. we wanted to show her friend a nice, quiet bar and at the end of the evening a birthday girl wearing a I heart pusssy t-shirt called tig a "fucking dyke" for eating a piece of her cake, then the girl threw cake at her, and yelled at me…

And, a year after this e-mail was sent, in May of 2008, Notaro would seek restraining orders against some violent stalker and the recipient of this e-mail.  Or, was it  a family of violent stalkers? (we’ll get to that later.) who showed up at her comedy shows, and then began to assault her and her family, according to Notaro's sworn testimony.

Notaro had her fair share of dramatic comedy sets as well, that John Wentzel likely hadn't heard of:

“Some people got up during the set and walked out. I asked them, "Where are you headed?" and they said "Maybe you'll think twice before you make fun of people." One of the woman pointed at somebody she was with and was like, "He just got over cancer..." I was so baffled, so confused. Everybody was baffled! I don't know where they read in that I was saying, "Ha ha you have cancer." Nowhere. I don't know where it came about. So, they left and started yelling with the owner of the bar, it turned into a brawl and the cops came. I was still on stage this whole time. A fist fight broke out... This is all during my set. I had to stay focused and talk to audience while people were pinning each other down and screaming. And one of the guys that left, the police broke his leg while they were holding him down.

That kind of cool under fire, may be why she has seemed to have conquered cancer at record speed,with no adverse affects other than the fear of assorted pear shaped ladies with cancer.

When she revisited her Bentzen Ball idea, in October of 2013, with the hopes of a triumphant celeb filled return,

It was like, 'We’re getting Amy Schumer! We’re getting John Hodgman! Tig just texted Louis C.K.!' Then, ‘This is not happening, that’s not happening. Zach Galifianakis is having a baby, Adam Scott’s, like, child is having a birthday that weekend."

she’d now promised any proceeds from this strange gala to gay charities.

In place of this, a year before: “Tig Notaro 'Cancer Standup' Profits Will Help Fund Cancer Research”

Maybe, she wasn’t kidding about putting charity up her nose, after all.

Despite repeated inquiries to her manager, Hunter Seidman, and an Aaron Burrell- who she claims is her “personal assistant,” I have received no response to my queries about her promised charity donations, or even one name of any cancer related charity she might have intended to donate to at one time.

Nor would anyone associated with her-- answer why she had received 10 thousand dollars for a kickstarter project, on the same day of the set, August 3rd 2012, and yet has made no attempt to follow through.  Also, no response to my queries about the criminal and civil lawsuits that she has either instigated, or had to defend since May of 2008.

Due to her inability to name a particular charity, much less donate to one, I’ve come to suspect that something curious could have been brewing with Lance’s Armstrong’s now embattled Live Strong charity.  In seems hard to imagine these two together, in any way, but upon further investigation, it appears that a Nick Kroll is the common denominator.

When Nicks Krolls’ supposed ex girlfriend , and now friend, Lake Bell, married last year, both Lance Armstrong  and Tig  Notaro were guests. And, Nick's Father Jules is now in charge of the investigation of the bicycling scandal.

On the  same day ( October 5th 2012) the tape made of her set, was released on Louis CK’s website, this odd article was filed by freelancer, Andy Langer.

Though this would be the first interview by a journalist, since Lance Armstrong’s doping problems  could no longer be explained away,  Langer and Lance can only seem to discuss Tig Notaro’s tape for the three page article posted to the Texas Monthly Website on October 5th 2012. Lance is sure that the tape “will blow up and be big.”  Armstrong seems invested in the success of Notaro’s comedy tape and her career to an unnatural degree. Could “Live Strong” be the charity Louis CK and Notaro had in mind when they kept promising proceeds from “Live” to “cancer related charities?”

When Armstrong’s comeback was faced only with setback, Notaro, appeared to send out her support and empathy via Syndney Brownstone in this Mother Jones Interview( in May/June of 2013- the time when we witnessed the dying gasps of the disgraced cylist’s attempts to get back in our good graces.)

MOTHERJONES: What's the most eye-opening subject you've tackled? ( on her podcast, “Professor Blastoff.”

Notaro: Hmm. We had a guy who used to cycle with Lance Armstrong, and he was telling us how everybody dopes. People are isolating Lance out as the bad guy when it's just a part of cycling. That was interesting.

MJ: If doping is the practice of cyclists, what's the practice of comedians?...

I can’t take the time and effort to check, if such a cyclist ever was on her show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no such guest.

I wouldn’t be surprised because the most cursory investigation of this woman results in the sense that she is deceiving and manipulating the public, and has been doing so for years.

Let’s just focus on the cancer story


How she discovered she had it.

In a podcast dated July 31st 2012, Notaro says e “ I found a lump in my teat a year before.  She’d gone to her “regular” doctor to have it checked. A “regular doctor” inspected the lump and, said, “this does not concern me.”
According to Notaro, this quelled all concern regarding said lump, for a full year. The day after the August 3rd 2012 set, Carol Hartsell of the Huffington Post, would transcribe this part of the podcast for her readers.

Quite a few comments left on that article seemed to express disgust at this doctor’s indifference.

David Hunstberger, Notaro’s podcast cohost, also expressed anger at this physician, on this same podcast. When considering that now, a year later, Notaro was telling him that a doctor told her she “likely had breast cancer in both breasts,” this oversight had become very serious.

How then did she ultimately learn that she had cancer?

Notaro’s sold story wasn’t only about cancer but about a “4 month” series of non stop adversity. Pneumonia, contracting C-Diff. Mother dying. Girlfriend leaving her. Cancer. You might guess that when in the hospital for pneumonia and C- Diff, for a week,  or longer(here too her story changes,)she might mention this now year old lump to the medical professionals  who she claimed had tested her every “5-10 minutes," for a week or longer.

When the probability of cancer had resulted in what now Notaro was saying was stage two cancer in both breasts, the anger Huntsberger had expressed, at the unconcerned M.D, from a year back, now was turned on these faceless nameless testing individuals -- who failed to catch the cancer's existence- despite the week long hospital stays- and the non- stop testing.

Kyle Dunnigan, her other co-host, joined in to express anger at this incompetence. You can hear it here:
Notaro calmed these young men’s mounting rage by inserting, “They weren’t looking for it.”
David Hunstberger recalled then how Notaro had told him that C-Diff was “an old lady disease,” so you would think that the testing might have attempted to figure out why a non old lady was stricken with it.

So how then did the  aggressive cancer, she’d later claim to be stricken with, get discovered?

Notaro would tell Elle Magazine’s Ariel Levy, this:
(After her mother died)“When Notaro finally made it back to California a month later, she kept a scheduled mammogram appointment; it came back abnormal. "

Her mother had a funeral on April 1st, according to this eulogy online,  (Strangely, here it says her stepfather’s name is Laurie J. Cusack, Notaro, or O’Callaghan- I can’t be sure.  She often speaks of him on the three podcasts I listened to in the course of this article. She refers to him as “Rick,” and she says he is a military lawyer living in Spring Texas. If his name is Laurie O’Callaghan or even Rick O’Callaghan, Notaro, or Cusack- there is no evidence online of a lawyer with that name in Texas …)

Rick or Laurie aside, this places her mammogram in early May, give or take a few days.  Her diagnosis came on July 25th 2012, and that seems a long time from abnormal result to diagnosis, but I guess it’s possible.

Notaro would tell a very different story on the August 7th 2012  podcast, Professor Blastoff. There she recounted that in a C-Diff related checkup, after leaving the hospital, where she'd spend a week or more, she’d returned to the “regular doctor,” who’d dismissed the lump on a previous occasion. Notaro had said, “ Sidenote. I still have the lump.”

The regular doctor, so dismissive in the past, once more examined it. AGAIN, she nearly scoffed when she said, “this does not concern me.” However, by the grace of god,  regular disinterested doc continued:
 “ But, anyway it’s time you get a mammogram.”

 Notaro seized on the second sentence, and did get the mammogram.  She’d tell Carol Hartsell of the Huffington Post this:

TN: Yeah, after Amy(Amy Shumer) hired me on the show, I had the mammogram and the abnormal results, but I didn’t tell her all of that because I was thinking, “There’s no way I have cancer.”

Notaro told her facebook friends  that she got that job on july 2nd 2012.  

Tig Notaro  July 2, 2012- Facebook page.
life, you are a strange, strange bird, aren't you?all of a sudden i'm now moving to NYC.i got asked to write and also be on a fancy television program. It’s been a swirling possibility, but last night i got the confirmation and i'm pretty darn excited about it, to say the very the meantime, i'm looking for a place in only the coolest part of the city, with THE most expensive rent possible. does that even exist in NY? private message me with any options, please.
thank ye!


Tig Notaro shared a link.
May 15, 2012 (Facebook Page)
Tig returns after a 6 wk absence dealing with the unexpected loss of her mother and recovering from her own wk long stint in the hospital.

What became of this Abnormal mammogram result of May, or June, or July 2012?

An unspecified entity made contact and told her, “ the results are abnormal.”  Then, another unspecified entity told her to come in for a “follow up that would take no more than 30-45 minutes.”  Carol Hartsell would dutifully  transcribe the tale told on the podcast for her print audience, on August 4th 2012:

In short: No siree. 45 minutes, my ass. 6 hours in, the doctor came in to where Notaro waited, and said “ are you ok.” Notaro responded. “ yeah I’m ok.” The doctor looked “very  concerned.” The doctor left Notaro to wait longer, as she conducted more testing. At the close of this marathon (and falsely advertised waiting session,) concerned doctor said, “ After all my testing, it is probable you have cancer in both breasts.” Concerned  doctor was circumspect too, and would say no more until biopsies were done.

 Assorted unnamed entities then rallied to schedule Ms. Notaro’s  biopsy. Notaro stopped them. Her busy schedule coupled with stress forced her to leave then and there.  She told her podcast audience that she had “Conan on Monday, and a comedy festival the day after,”. Still, she apparently had managed to schedule the biopsy on her own, sometime before July 25th 2012(the date she cites as the date she was told it was cancer in both breasts).

She spoke then of how painful was the biopsy. She had felt stabbed with an icepick for the three hours the biopsy took. She spoke of being left bloodied, and not given any anesthesia, and how now days afterward she was still in pain.  Dunnigan commented once more on her bravery as she had foregone anesthesia, during, and pain killers- afterwards.

The week after diagnosis - A friend in Largo's Mark Flanagan.

In between, confirmation of the cancer, and the so called historical comedy set on August 3rd 2012, Notaro spoke of how she’d had to cancel not just Conan, and a comedy festival, but a  July 29th 2012 show at Largo, she had been scheduled to either host at, or perform at.  

She’d say that Mark Flanagan, the owner of Largo, had heard why and cancelled the show without hesitation.  Then, he’d added, “I’m going to re-book it and had immediately cancelled the July 29th show.  He told her , “ I’m rebooking it for this  Friday. But I’ll cancel that one too if you aren’t up to it.

No problem. “ With ticket prices for both shows being 25 dollars, and with now 560 seats at stake, plus drinks, Flanagan was making some big sacrifices.

She’d later recount the day of the diagnosis to Andrew Goldman, of the New York Times. The date was July 25th she’d recall later and this is confirmed by the Largo’s website.

The day I was diagnosed, my friend Nick Kroll demanded I get out of the house. So we went up to Largo to see Megan Mullally, who I adore. Conan was the surprise guest that night. I was standing in her dressing room with a bunch of people. Nobody knew. The only reason Conan knew was because I was supposed to be on “Conan,” but I canceled to have my biopsies. When he walked by, he was like: “Tig! How are you? Are you O.K.? I love you. Come on the show anytime. Come hang out at the show. Just come and make fun of us.” And I was like, “O.K., thanks.” I looked so cool, you know, because they didn’t know.

Later, she’d say she’d postpone the biopsies for a week, due to being so stressed. If that the case the July 31st 2012 podcast would have to have been taped on or before  July 16th 2012, considering that she was scheduled for Conan on July 23rd, according to her facebook. 

The month before the set- strange additions and omissions.

Though Notaro repeatedly mentions the July 29th 2012 show, that was cancelled due to Mark Flanagan’s loyalty and support, she fails entirely to mention the July 16th 2012 show that promised her “return to Largo.” That show appears to have caused no stir online or off.  I can find no evidence that any July 29th 2012 show was ever scheduled. Not on any facebook page of hers or the clubs or on the tickethub website that appears to advertise all of Largo's shows. C-Diff just wasn't doing the trick and she recalls how "isolating" it was to have a "disease no one ever heard of."

 Later, on this same “Professor Blastoff,” podcast, her  co-host, David Huntsberger, would say that Notaro had told him she’d tried out her adversity material before, and it went well, so it can be inferred that on July 16th 2012, she’d tried out the material sans Cancer . Almost before Huntberger could finish, Kyle Dunnigan barrelled in and said, "But it's still fresh."

She has steadfastly maintained that she never shared this material before. Why lies about such seemingly inconsequential things?

But, absent the cancer part, it can be inferred- that set didn’t make any waves. How else to understand why she seems intent on fudging dates and discussing a show that Mark Flanagan cancelled, when no such show was scheduled?

Diagnosis- When?

NPR would have Notaro on in time for October’s Cancer Awareness month, but apparently not in time to pin down the story.

NPR: A few hours after learning her diagnosis, she went onstage.

Notaro on her podcas, and to Entertainment Weekly: The day before  I learned the stage

Notaro to the guardian: four days before.

Time magazine- hours after her cancer diagnosis

Wikipedia: “A day before.”

Notaro to the  independent: four days before

Louis CK: Hours before
(Sources: four days before.,

To be continued.....

Note to readers: This is a new genre, I think. Righteous indignation(and some spite, of course,) induced investigative journalism. Inspired by world's most persistent and insipid nemesis, Tig Notaro. I would call her a Mississippi native, but considering that she is one of those liars from the, "I'm a total imposter schools of liars, "I would not be one bit surprised to learn that she was born and bred in Ohio.
 I recognize that despite all desperate attempts on behalf of Mathilde "Notaro,"to get all the fame and attention she can with her very limited faculties, she has remained in a persistent unhousehold name state. I get that impression- that she is not famous no matter how hard she has tried-- since only two of the hundreds of people I've spoken to in the last year have heard of her, and then it was only  a vague idea.

 But, she is trying mightily to sneak into households, and that will mean she'll get even bigger lawyers, and more means at her disposal to do me damage.  I naturally would like to expose her before that happens. I recognize that there is a farcical element to detailing so much of such a dim figure's fabrications. The who cares element is strong, but I think now with her and Nick Kroll's mad press manipulation spree, enough know to make it a little less silly. Plus, I think the idea the researcher as the screwed over has a lot of potential.

There has been a big fiction in regards to me and this Tig. In order for her Chris Christie and staff style vendetta(but worse) to succeed she had to create of me some jealous person who hated her due to jealousy or romantic rivalry. There is not a grain of truth to this. I am lacking in jealousy, by nature, and I have never focused any energy or attention on another's success, or lack of success. If I had, I'd be much more successful. Success has never been important to me, and I have always loved the idea of funny women succeeding in comedy. I have always been very confident in my ability to make people laugh, and I have never felt anything but support and good will to fellow females. There is not one instance in my past, that doesn't bear this out. I got around about in Improv and comedy and there can be no dispute that it makes no sense that I would suddenly change and focus on this tig person. By all evidence, it appears that she developed so irrational hatred for me. Or, maybe Willen fed her lies to advance her own agenda and Notaro felt justified in her hyper destructive actions. All I know is that it's surreal to live a life where you are the opposite of what this cabal of creeps has succeeded in making you seem.

As for romantic motive: Again, anyone knowing me knows that I am too easy going and unfocused on romance. I have never felt romantic jealousy, or rivalry, or any sense of being possessive. Hell, cheat on me and sleep around and I seriously won't care. That doesn't feel like a great thing, but so far that's the way it's been. Maybe, I haven't met the right person. I blame my indifference on my ego- I just can't see someone choosing another, if they are with me. That makes me look arrogant maybe, but that's really how it is.

There is nothing wrong with those feelings, I'm guessing, but despite having plenty of vices- jealousy or rivarly with others is not one of them. I even pretended I was jealous once with a Stef Willen because she seemed to want that so badly, but the truth is I was not jealous, and what few seem to know is that Willen and Notaro were broken up for 5 years . I had zero reason to see her as a romantic rival, if I was prone to such rivalry nonsense, in the first place. I was angry with Willen with being such a cliche and trying to create drama out of this mystery tig person... but this didn't remotely translate into even dislike for Notaro. When I met Notaro for the first and last time in late 2007, she struck me as a dim and unspleasant person, but that was an objective feeling, that would be shared by discerning types.

What I had with Willen was a stressful fling. It was clear from day one that it was going nowhere past a few months. I did however want it to end better, and made some efforts for that to be the case This has been my M.O in the past. I hate the idea of ugliness when there is no good reason for it. I never one called her or emailed her to revive anything we had. I never made one attempt to rekindle anything, but I did write her a letter on Rosh Hashana saying that we shouldn't end up as enemies. That is why not one e-mail or phone record or any mention of a visit was present in the discovery against me during the five years where Tig Notaro has managed to stay prison and exposure proof.

Ok, readers, whatevs. If a reader sighs in the forest it doesn't make a sound, so here's part one. Part two is nearly ready, but I found a new lie that I need to be sure of before I post it. Then, if time and energy permits, I'll begin posting parts of the legal odyssey story.

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