Sunday, February 9, 2014

John Gregozek taking free fitness classes from unfit, Felise Kalpakian?

When defective detective( and regular reading to this vivified blog,) John "I stink" Gregozek, isn't stuffing Dunkin Donuts down his grimy yap, or plotting with fellow filthy cops, Scott and Martha Defoe, in their ill gotten residences in Huntington beach, word is:

Word is what? Word is that hirsute harridan, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, and super duper  malicious prosecutor has become a certified fitness ( and fibromyalgia expert!) instructor. Word is that Felise "Banality of evil incarnate,"Kalpakian is giving him free fitness classes in her Burbank Bunker. I hope they sweat out some of that malicious indifference to justice and decency and....

Ill gotten residences, you ask? Well you see, Martha and Scott Defoe, and John " I donate to Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro's cancer scams," Gregozek have found a really ugly way to get real rich off  their  LAPD badges. It's really such a betrayal and such a trauma to see such a complete disregard of law or decency, in sworn police officers, playacting as some elite unit.

In defense of Martha Defoe-- She actually weeps when she kidnaps the daughter of the world sweetest and cutest Holocaust survivor, and holds her, and her other daughter hostage. If I did something like that, I'd become prostrate with guilt, and not be able to go on.

 In heaven, she'll profusely apologize, and we'll forgive her cause we are forgiving sods. I've forgiven Suzanne Lopez and Cletus Carlton already, because I know they hated hated hated what they did to us. Or, maybe, I'm wrong, and they could care less...I prefer to believe the former, cause otherwise it's too hard to stand that so many are lacking basic humanity.

Well, in the end, they were foiled -- though much justice is still due.... But, they were foiled enough, so I can write the truth on the internet, and that's a big victory- in this new reality they foisted on me. 7 bogus charges thrown out. No plea. No probation. No Patton. PTSD, of course.

Free to mock the grotesque Los Angles city attorney, Felise Kalpakian, and her attempts to become a fitness person, when she is as unfit as it gets. Unfit to practice law,  unfit to be among civilized people, and unfit to sell her fitness frauds to the public. I wonder if Martin Boags is coaching her in the background on how to fleece these fitness seekers.

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