Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stephanie Allyne in on Tig Notaro massive cancer scam? What is it with Stephanies?

Apparently, the Chris Christy of comedy, Tig Notaro, has a conveniently found a lesbian lover who is dear friends with, and is getting jobs from Nick Kroll. 

No more incessant UCB shows with no IMDB credits forthcoming. This Stephanie Allyne has made the deal with the devil that Missy Pyle would not. After all, Missy Pyle has discussed her fealty to honesty.

Stef Willen, or Stephanie Willen apparently wasn't credible seeming enough to verify that Tig Notaro really has those mastectomy scars. Enter UCB Nick Kroll pawn, Stephanie Allyne.

Poor Stef Willen. So deranged and hapless both. Usurped by another Stephanie. How strange.

Anyway, Tig Notaro, unlike Chris Christie, is fundamentally uninteresting and so the struggle is harder.
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