Monday, February 24, 2014

Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll, and the discovery of a vast network of Kroll bought journo hos-

I guess I was a dupe. A dummy. A complacent sheeple - who thought she was smarter and savvier than she was. I was well readm and well informed.... I THOUGHT.

I had no idea how fixed so many systems really were. I trusted in too many of the  premises sold me. I was even Patriotic- A fan of America. I saw journalists as cool dudes and dudettes who reported on reality. I trusted cops and judges and lawyers, mostly. What a case of betrayed and bludgeoned belief.

I not only didn't subscribe to conspiracy theories, I didn't pay them any mind. I was utterly dismissive of those who spoke of any scheme that involved too many people. Any talk of CIA, or cabals,  made me immediately assume the speaker of such schemes- was insane. I couldn't fathom engaging in such orchestrated evil and so I projected that others were the same.

A few years back, when a friend of mine spoke of 9/11 being an inside job, I'd blamed it on some mental disease caused by his recent diagnosis of Grave's disease. I lost a lot of respect for him and now I take that loss of respect BACK. At the same time, I still don't believe it.

I still am not in the position to wrap my head around so many of the so called, " conspiracy theories," that have been posed through out my life, by others. I can only be sure of certain conspiracies that I witnessed firsthand, and that led me to connect dots that led me to see that so much of what I thought was a simple manifestation of insanity was  more a healthy skepticism. So m any of those I though to be "loons," are as sane as can be.

To recognize this after four decades of not getting it-- Major cognitive dissonance. Unpleasant as hell. A little embarrassing.

And, I blame it most on the hijacking of the Fifth Estate. Absent a functioning Fifth Estate we are all left in a world where we are fed lie after lie. When a press can't be trusted, on such a grand scale.... What chance do we have?

But, that's all big grand scale stuff.

Here's a particular instance that seems small but is really huge.

As a Native New Yorker, I read the New York Post, daily, for years upon years. But, now I know that Tim Donnelly is a total bullshitting Kroll pimp journo ho.

Every line in this is Kroll bought bull of the highest order.

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