Sunday, March 30, 2014

Breaking News: Felise Kalpakian CPT, NASM, Tax payer rapist, and a psychopath who is willing to destroy innocent people for profit loves grapefruit

To all decent souls and the Grapefruit Lobby,

I urge you to avoid Grapefruit like the plague: The  malicious, and deceptive as hell, deputy City Attorney, Felise Kalpakian is recommending grapefruit on Facebook. I ADVISE you eat other citrus fruits until she ceases and desists in encouraging grapefruit consumption.

It is entirely in Felise's "wheelhouse" to poison fruits, and then profit from some antidote she hoards in her Burbank Bunker. That's not a paranoid thought--Felise would seriously do anything if it leads her to prosperity. She'd invent stories and tell them to judges. Lies that would decimate a Holocaust Survivor. The kind of lies that only the most ruthless and craven would tell. This is one ruthless grapefruit fan, folks. Judge Randolph Moore and the public defenders office in L.A can vouch for my educated assessment. 

A lot of bad eggs in the L.A city Attorney's office but Felise Kalpakian is reputed to be the worst of the worst, and I've seen that firsthand. Only Martin Boags can be compared and look what happened to him. Jennifer Waxler is also evil as sin, but at least she looks a little nauseous as she lies to judges and tries to get innocent people jailed and railroaded into convictions. I understand that Ms. Kalpakian is now referred to as "Backfat," and that is I guess... Ironic... in light of her new fitness venture. I do wonder if she has that fat on the back problem, under control.

This is not a joke, potential grapefruit eaters: Felise Cohen Kalpakian is truly a danger to others, and the Grapefruit lobby must stop her from tainting the Grapefruit's reputation, when they find the time.

I have to utilize bold I am so upset.

The Grapefruit has a good name, and Felise Kalpakian should be barred from associating her bad name with this large, wrinkly- but revered  fruit . Kalpakian should be barred, behind bars, and dis barred. But, that's more complicated than recent grapefruit fixation.

Here is the entry in question:

Hi friends! I love grapefruit and I especially love all of the amazing things it does for our bodies!! You know what "they say" , it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise! So, eating right is critical. The food of the day is grapefruit. Read and learn how amazing grapefruit can be for you. Tip: try a little Stevia on top (even flavored Stevia which you can order online) for a great dessert treat.
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