Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kroll Show renewed as predicted here.... When the one percent invades the humor business it can make you cry

Nick KrollWhy is this asshole, with a bad dream of forehead, grinning that un-charming shit eating grin?
Ratings bad? Check.
Reviews by non sponsored journo ho's, dismal? Check
 Public reaction to your "Kroll Show," verging on grave hostility? OMG, yes.

No worries. If you are this shit eating grinned asshole, above. And, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Seth Myers was there to deliver the "head and heart breaking news." Ooops. I mean.... "Breaking news."

Seth Myers is no stranger to Kroll, and his farcical productions... Ooops. I mean... comedy shows. Seth Myers was there to host a two hour Paley Show production wherein the intelligencia elite rich New Yorkers were treated to the most baffling two hours of their existences.

You see, Paley Center, features television history, and here they are tortured with the then one season long- Kroll Show. Oops, I meant to say treated.

WTF, these fancy specimens must have silently said.... Then, when they went home and tuned into the the actual show they really got confused. It would have been nice if Meyers showed the good grace to tell them about Jules Kroll, and how he funds such shows, and how Rabbi Michael Paley did the marrying of Nick Kroll's sister. Myers inflicted cognitive dissonance on these Paley Center peeps, and that's not cool. I sure hope they didn't actually pay for that shenanigan.

Who can blame, Nick Kroll, for that children eating grin... Oops again I meant to say victorious expression...
You would be grinning madly too if your laugh free program got three seasons on Comedy Central AND Deadline Hollywood, Hollywood Reporter and Seth Meyers were on board to mislead the public on your behalf.

And, that's just in the last two days. The fake press that crops up when Nick Kroll, and his special assets/friends pop up- is awesome in its scope, and requires a whole other post...

Mislead the public to promote a kid with such unfortunate facial features, you scream! Why would anyone do that... you shout. You must be bitter or something, you might consider....

Let me tackle the bitter part, first. Yes, I am absolutely and completely bitter about being KROLLED, out of my mind, for the last six years. Bitter as charged. Strangely, I am not prone to bitterness and you'd have to screw me over in epic ways to make me consider bitterness... Whatevah, back to Kroll and the articles that try to justify this creepy new renewal by pointing to a 1.1 average rating.

Back to Deadline and Hollywood Reporter being misleading:
Let's stick the easily verifiable claims made by Deadline Hollywood, and the Hollywood Reporter as to ratings.  I don't watch late night TV, so I have no idea how this was played by Kroll and Myers.

Nick Kroll made the announcement during his Wednesday visit to "Late Night With Seth Meyers."

Seth Meyers is making a habit of breaking news on his new Late Night show.
During his Wednesday visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, Nick Kroll announced that Comedy Central has renewed Kroll Show for a third season.
The sketch comedy series from creator, writer and star Kroll will return after its sophomore season has been averaging 1.1 million viewers on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m.

Let's not even bother to debate the claim that Myers or Meyers, or whatever the hell this Seth phony's name is ... got a scoop and this is "breaking news."

Let's focus on the stats.

Averaged 1.1 million viewers? 

False False false, but it will take me a day to get the ratings for the second season to show you how false. Suffice it to say I will say the ratings, at best averaged .7 over both seasons. And, that the key demo stuff also was a bust. Kroll by no means(and I mean MEANS as in Machiavelli and Munchhausen(Tig Notaro)....) managed to score enough 18-49 year olds to justify the second renewal, much less the third.

While I find the second season ratings, please take a look at this:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ratings Review: KROLL SHOW

Freshman comedy series KROLL apparently did not click with viewers. The 1.2 million viewers it received from the series premiere is not too bad, but the drop of 41% to its lowest point, normally would have eliminated it from a possible second season. However, it was picked up before the third episode aired and the ratings began to free-fall.

I know it was difficult to find ratings for the series as most sourced do not publish programs that are that far down in the daily numbers. But I did at least find viewership numbers. KROLL SHOW averaged 880,000 viewers over the eight week season.

KROLL SHOW (Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m., on Comedy Central)

Date Viewers*
01/16/13 1.19
01/23/13 1.04
01/30/13 0.84
02/06/13 0.82
02/13/13 0.70
02/20/13 0.79
02/27/13 0.71
03/06/13 0.93
* - in millions

Now, that's power. Not only does Nick Kroll lord over a few estates, he and his family(Jules, Sue, Jeremy, who knows how many more..) not only get their own estates, but they have conquered the Fifth estate in ways so few can believe, at first.

I'll be back with the second season ratings, the minute I get a chance. I have them on some Word document so it shouldn't take long...
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