Sunday, March 16, 2014

Who is Lesley Wolff and why did Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro use her name?

In her affidavit to get a highly unwarranted restraining order, Cancer profiteer scammer, Tig Notaro, stated, under penalty of perjury that on April 29th 2008,  her friend Lesley Wolff, called her to inform her that I had been at the Improv comedy club, and had been removed by Security. I had never been removed by Security at the Improv so this was curious to say the least.

 When Notaro came to the fixed court of  Judge Gerald Rosenberg on May 28th 2008, Notaro claimed that the Manager of the Improv made that call.

When Notaro spoke to Nick Kroll's special Police, John Gregozek and James Hoffman, it was not any Lesley Wolff, or any manager of the Improv that made that call- now it was just a "friend." Unnamed. Due to Kroll's ability to fix this system, Lesley Wolff was not contacted by anyone.

No one was contacted by Kroll's minions, actually. That has been admitted to in discovery. I had to find witnesses and I did, and then Kroll's boys, Gregozek, Hoffman, and Dunn, refused to interview them. Hoffman even chuckled and said, "We're not going to coffee shops to interview witnesses for this." Funkily enough, soon they were off to Orange County to harass the poor Brummer family. Not to mention the cost they'd foist on the taxpayers(and us,) as they did everything to secure a conviction -so they had less of  a chance of being sued and exposed.

Not only did I have to deal with having a restraining order procured against me due to fraud and malice- but then when I sued Notaro for defamation, I'd have to face two years of criminal prosecution, jailing, mental competency schemes that no one would expect in America.  Not to mention the  extremely vicious character assassinations that have been allowed to stand due to the David Vs. Goliath nature of this battle.

And today I have the time and space to ask  "Who the hell is Lesley Wolff, and why did Tig Notaro use her once and then discard her name?

Hmm. Just thinking out loud. Don't mind me.
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