Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hot off the presses at the Elite Daily

The aptly named Connor Tool(e) openly tools for the Elite. No need to even pretend anymore ... let's just straight out call it the "Elite Daily." Christain La Du., Toole, and the cast of ambitious "scribes" are going to promote Nick Kroll's every project. Count on that.

 Nick Kroll is the dregs on any spiritual level, but he is in the top O.O1 percent if you are using the one percenter concept, as a guide This kind of craven greed and ambition has taken over the comedy business. It wasn't enough to have Kroll Inc. Kroll International, Kroll Zolfo Cooper, Kroll O'Gara, KrollPhoto, Kroll Back ground Checks, Kroll Forensic Laboratory specialists(now Aere btw) Altegrity, Kroll Ontrack, K2( and a good hundred others with harder to track names) Kroll had to get their claws into comedy. And, me and my family and Officer Jacqueline Montalvo had to be some strange form of collateral damage.

As an aside that few with get just now: When "Threat Management Unit Detectives," John Gregozek and James Hoffman came to my home on May 7th 2008 to "respond to a crime report." I said to my mother and sister, in Hebrew, " These are not real police. Something very wrong."  Yet, I am mildly embarrassed to say that it would take me five years to understand how unreal where these alleged LAPD detectives. It should have been a heads up when Gregozek kept saying stuff like , " Just stay off the internet and your legal troubles will be over." And, then in response to " Why are you pressing fake charges? asked by mother-" Gregozek said, " What could I do? You sued her didn't you?"

I should have figured it out soonerI just didn't understand the significance of Tig Notaro usings Nick Kroll's name as the most important "witness," as she sought a restraining order that was based on her fearing a threat to her assets and career and not to her actual safety.
 Then, Nick Kroll's statements to Martin Boags, almost 2 years later, are the key to the  NON- STOP MYSTERIES.  Had the four witnesses I had by then, not agreed to tell the truth- Nick Kroll's lies would have been deadly.

Nick Kroll came to court on January 21st 2010 to close the deal -  by submitting a statement that sought to convict me of crimes I did not commit. I could not get over how vicious this guy was. He claimed to see and hear things that never occurred. We didn't see him and so he not only didn't witness anything, he wasn't even there.

In order to get more charges brought, and then a conviction, Kroll was there to bare false witness when I refused against all PRESSURE to plea when innocent. He added touches that would discredit not just me but my sister and mother Had his lies made it to the jury, who knows what could have resulted.  One of his gems: "  I saw their car and it was filled with beer bottles."

Not only did our car not have beer bottles then, but we have never had one beer bottle in our car EVER.

Had certain miracles(or, what seemed like miracles,) not occurred, I could have spent seven years in jail because Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro( and those who wanted to gain favor with Kroll) are sociopaths. What's worse than a sociopath? A sociopath like Nick Kroll-  who can offer cops and prosecutors the good life if they just submit a few lies on his behalf. Not to mention offering them discounts on Ammo and such-

My guess, is that they all thought this would end as of October 16th 2008, and had no idea who they had tried to ruin. On the surface poor and powerless but beneath the surface- someone who will never submit to bullies and creeps of this kind. Poor risk mitigation work by Kroll, in that case.

 If Gregozek and Nick and Tig had known they would likely have played it differently. Not only did Nick Kroll( and the proximate causes and people that had to be enlisted- because  of his ugly choices(beginning in April of 2008,) almost cause me a 7 year jail/prison sentence when no guilt existed on my part, but there was the very real specter that I'd be buried alive and forcefully medicated in Patton. That part is too insane to handle, most of the time.

Patton would not only have killed me but it would destroy my magnificent mother and sister. That is the most unforgivable part, in my estimation. And with only more terrorist tactics employed by Kroll, Gregozek, Dunn Boags Ford Waxler et al, and no hint of apology, it all is unforgivable in a way that borders on Existential.

What Nick Kroll unleashed on me and my family is beyond my scope of acceptance, and the scope of most. As vile and dim and rotten is Tig Notaro and Stef Willen, had Nick Kroll not offered to make a "few phone calls," the trauma would have stopped in early 2008.

Does unfunny comedian, Nick Kroll, have blood on his hands?

This part will likely inspire that "crazy" label, but I'm way past caring. Especially, when I know how rooted in facts and logic such an allegation is.

You see, LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo came in on February 23rd 2010 to sign up as a witness for the defense in case 8CA10541. Two days later this-

What Montalvo would attest to could have caused great damage to Nick Kroll, had she been able to testify in front of jury or even draft an affidavit.  Her testimony could have ruined Nick Kroll's future and her testimony would have opened up a world of liabilty for the Threat Management Unit, Kroll, The city attorneys' office, The Improv comedy club and more ....

Her testimony, if allowed, would make those involved in this sinister and insane prosecution very liable for damages in the millions. Two days later, she was dead in a Michael Hastings like accident. I think it's a very scary and huge thing to digest- but I have no doubt, after much thought and consideration,  that Jacqueline Montalvo had to die so Nick Kroll could have a life. Had she testified in front of  a jury, and had that shown who Nick Kroll was and what he was capable of - he'd be finished.

It would have been so easy for Kroll's super spooks  to make her go away, and make her out as a drunk while they were at it.
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