Off-duty LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo killed in Diamond Bar crash was drunk

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A sad outcome for a tragic accident. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in law enforcement that believe that the laws do not apply to them.
We see it all of the time. CHP that routinely cross the double yellow lines of the diamond lanes. Cops racing with their emergency lights on only to me seen pulling into In n Out for a burger.
Off duty cops wandering out of a bar drunk as hell, getting in their car and driving away. It happens every day here in Los Angeles.
A Los Angeles Police Department officer was legally drunk when she crashed her car in Diamond Bar earlier this year, according to a county coroner’s report.
Jacqueline Montalvo, 37, was killed in the Feb. 25 crash. Three other people were injured.
Montalvo, of Rowland Heights, was off-duty and heading north on Grand Avenue in Diamond Bar when she veered across a median into opposing traffic and collided with two pick-up trucks, sheriffs investigators said.
Her blood alcohol level was 0.18 percent, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent, according to the coroner.
Relatives said Montalvo ate lunch with friends and likely went shopping in the hours before the crash.
Deputy John Rodriguez, the traffic investigator assigned to the case, said on Tuesday he didn’t know where Montalvo was coming from or going.
ion.He said he had not yet seen the coroner’s report, and he hadn’t found any other evidence to suggest Montalvo was drunk at the time of the collis
Montalvo, an 11-year veteran of the police department, got engaged to her boyfriend — also an LAPD officer — about two weeks before her death.
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10 Responses to Off-duty LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo killed in Diamond Bar crash was drunk

  1. anonymoussorta
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    JR, tell me more about that ominous call. Did it warn her that Nick Kroll would be ruined by her testimony and she better shut up quick? Who was the other officer and why did he get an “ominous call.” Why would a non conspiracy involve ominous calls? Alisa Spitzberg and Ian puddick also received ominous calls.
    What a tragedy. A brave whistleblower murdered for a sack of shit like Nick Kroll.
  2. JR
    Jacqueline ate and then drank for several hours at a popular hot spot in Chino Hills immediately before the crash. I was there with friends. The male off-duty officer she was drinking with received the ominous phone call while still at the bar. There is no conspiracy here, just an unfortunate event.
  3. JR
    Jacqueline ate and drank (with a male off duty officer) for several hours at a bar in Chino Hills before she got into her car and crashed. I was there with friends. There is no conspiracy here.
  4. gabe
    Tig Notaro, John Gregozek, and Martin Boags should all be suspects in Officer Montalvo's death. She was a brave woman and not a drunk driver according the the evidence. What a tragedy. Steve Cooley would look into it were he not also involved.
  5. testa
    I think she was murdered for the testimony she was going to give in case 8CA10541. May she rest in peace.
  6. in the know
    She was set to testify in a case that would shine a light on LAPD corruption. Please, stop lying. I wouldn't be surprised if she was murdered. Did she have a history of drug abuse?
  7. LAPD Officer
    She was not scheduled to testify in any case that had anything to do with the LAPD, just the normal patrol officer's criminal cases, that all officers testify to on a daily basis. No investigator will do a presumptive test on a deceased person. The victim/suspect is dead, they are not going anywhere and the coroner (who is very busy with pressing murder cases and others more important cases than an "accident" will do the most through test on the deceased.
    • gabe
      She sure was. Montalvo was an honest cop and she was set to testify in a case where the LAPD's threat management unit would come under SCRUTINY- for battering and devastating innocent people to make nice with Marty Singer.
      . Ask Sgt Angela Lucie and John Gregozek. They are just two of many willing and unwilling conspirators in case 8ca10541(01)) and ZM015295
    • anonymoussorta
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      After many years, it’s been discovered that she was murdered so Nick Kroll can be a happy fellow with a soaring “comedy” career. 3 days before this death she came into the downtown courthouse to tell Alissa Sterling( a coward public defender who cared much more about career than justice and who tried mightily to throw the case,) that she would tell the truth and be a defense witness for Alisa Spitzberg. And what a witness Montalvo would be. What a hero she was, and what a tragedy that her heroism has gone unrecognized. The thought of her, and what she stood for, and fell for– always makes me WEEP in ways that no one should WEEP.
      This truth would be a disaster for Nick Kroll( and John Gregozek and Tig Notaro and a few others)- since he’d submitted a vicious and very false statement to Martin Boags on January 21st 2010. Such a statement would have landed him in jail had Montalvo been allowed to testify. Not just jail, but he’d be ruined for his evil evil choices with cancer scamming comic, Tig Notaro.
      His statement and Montalvo’s testimony centered around invented incidences by Kroll as to April 29th 2008. He’d created crimes and even placed tons of beer bottles in a car that never had a one beer bottle in it EVER. It turns out he was nowhere near the Improv comedy club on that evening.
      The owner of the car is a holocaust survivor who would never let a beer bottle be in her car, but Nick Kroll knew he had to make these law abiding people look real bad if he and Tig Notaro could win -what they had no right to win. As a vicious socioath, Nick Kroll just wanted to win and if a great and brave cop like Montalvo had to die so be it.
      Kroll had sought to decimate and then he sought to criminalize the most legal forms of free speech. and then he sought to discredit his victims when they refused to lie down and die. He had a great teacher in his father and brother. All so he could get to make the world unfunniest comedy sketches and prove to his papa he was no loser!
      Heidi Feigin also received “ominous” phone calls from Kroll, but he clearly couldn’t get her killed. Wow wow wow.
      You see a major racket/scam/ criminal enterprise exists in L.A and other places where Kroll operates- step out of line, and you get Changed or Montalvo’d. Or, Hastinged. Google Richard Chang to see how easily they murder witnesses. I hope Jerry Rodelo and Janell Badar are fighting to clear this hero’s name and legacy. They should insist that Alissa Sterling and Robin Ginsburg and the others who know- help them in this necessary pursuit.
  8. LAPD Officer
    Oh and by the way… Police Officers are not above the law, they are susceptible to the same weakness and frailties that all human beings are. She was drunk, she drove drunk and she paid the ultimate price. That is not a reflection on her profession, but in her choices that day. We all make bad choices and we all (police or not) pay for them sooner or later.
  9. hmm
    Why would it take almost three months to figure out her BAC? Why would the investigator not smell alcohol or do a test at the scene.?
  10. hmm
    She was set to testify in a case that might have hurt the image of the LAPD. Very interesting.

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