Monday, April 28, 2014

Harris Wittels is a vile piece of shit who belongs in hell

Sorry, the title isn't too temperate.

I have avoided posting the deeply vicious and evil slander that Nick Kroll ordered Harris Wittels, Scott Boxenbaum( and then a host of other abject strangers) to spread all over the internet.

I have avoided a lot, because so much that was done to me by Nick Kroll, and his beneficiaries, is just too painful to handle. To be 38 years old(when it started), and to be prey to a mentality and a cruelty that you think only happens in high school.

 And, those perpetuating the cruelty and evil(bearing false witness and character assassination is evil,) have never been held accountable because the worlds most demented and unfunny monster- Nick Kroll- set Tig Notaro up so she and him would never be held accountable for anything. If that meant perjury, and non stop slander , and obstruction of justice galore,and then attempts to railroad people into jail for years(and worse if you consider the foiled competency ploy,)

Instead, astoundingly disgusting POS's like Harris Wittels is cursing out Gawker writers who call him out on his failures.

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Still, this hairball belongs in hell not calling people "cunt" for calling this fraud out.

 Hell on earth and then Hell in the afterlife. At least, Scott Boxenbaum(son of billionaire Chuck Boxenbaum- a dear friend of Lynn and Jules Kroll) had the grace to admit he has no talent, and just sort of disappear.

Today, I saw someone looking up a particular link.The post sounded harried and unhinged because hey that is what happens when the scion of one of the most dark and powerful dynasties wants to be famous. I'll just post the piece I found where Harris Wittels follows Kroll's orders and earns himself a place in hell, not NBC.
 This is what  Harris Wittels wrote about me on " A special thing Message" Board( Not one word is true. I went to Largo three times over ten years, and never scared a soul or had any interest in comics. this is defamation of the ugliest and most destructive kind. Have Alexandra Rushfeild tell him how much I "scared comics"  To say that I vomited on chairs and stalked comics is just too gross to express. Not sure if Wittels was told this filth by Kroll. Either way, he had to make sure it was true before spreading such unbelievably vicious lies.)

"I hate that I feel the need to get involved in this mess, but lisad is so blaringly the woman that was banned from largo for stalking comics. I would bet the farm that erinf is her 2nd personality. Flanagin, the owner you speak of, is a very classy guy. He wasn't rude to you because you vomitted on a chair. If he was rude to you it was for scaring the bejeesus out of the comics that performed there. So, let's stop slandering Largo here. Thanks.":

Banned from Largo for Stalking comics
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