Monday, April 28, 2014

If Nick Kroll were funny....

A  part of a comment to be found in Alexa Hauk's, Washington City Paper, piece really stuck out for me -- in relation to Nick Kroll, and to a lesser degree -- Tig Notaro. The crux of the article was that local comics were being ignored by Tig Notaro and co in favor of "big names." Alas, none of the big names showed up Ha!

Here's the part of the comment:

"How they were chosen doesn't matter, as long as they're funny...."

This as an excuse for Peter Bedsel's tweet about how only two local comics were chosen for the cursed Bentzen Ball in Washington D.C.

And, that is my position regarding Nick Kroll -- I don't care that his father is an extremely wealthy and influential billionaire, with many Hollywood ties and even with mind blowing access to the press. If  if he was an upstanding talent than none of that would be significant.

Sure, he had connections, but so what he's bringing the funny. Nepotism isn't something I've ever paid any mind too. Everyone has their path and their burdens...I don't feel envy or jealousy for anyone. My loathing of these two has zero to do with that. and everything to do with exposing two psychopaths who have ruined lives and names and futures, with impunity.

I do resent the fact that he sets out to ruin genuine comic talents... That he stole from them in epic ways does cause me to have a beef that is stuck in my beefy craw. Their is some too ironic element to what he and Tig Notaro have done and who they did it to. I hope to present that in a form that is interesting to all.

Nevertheless, and in spite of my loathing of evil people,  if he were funny I'd focus only on what he did to me, and on the press machinations on his behalf, and on behalf of cancer scamming sweetheart, Tig Notaro.

But, to my CHAGRIN  and disgust and dismay( I'm appalled, annoyed, repulsed, flummoxed, aghast, frustrated, bereft) too... This dangerous douche is a fraud, on every level.

If he were funny, it would be heartbreaking to think that a funny guy would stoop to such depths of depravity... But the fact that he wouldn't know humor if it bit him in in his miserable ass... Well, that compounds the outrage ISSUE.

Same for Notaro. She is not a truly funny person. She's mildly amusing, at times, but her dimness and coldness ruin any chance of her connecting to the audience. I saw her perform once, and back then I was objective as hell... My impression: Some talent, but not a star. Can't see her really making it. Whatever the case,she has some talent while Nick Kroll has absolutely none.

She recently confirmed that she has only read one book in her life, and that shows in her persona. At a "literati" event with Sheperd Fairey and Nick Kroll no less. Soiling my favorite refuge in LA- The Los Angeles Library? Oh well.

 In other words, she's a dim bulb -- who thinks it's cute that she read one book in her life. Maybe I'm an intellectual snob, but the idea of being proud of reading only one book makes me feel revolted.

Both would have never reached any level of comedic success if it was up to public response. absent Nick Kroll's machinations... we'd never hear of them. I am 100 percent sure of that thesis, and I plan to show that they both engaged in stalking, kickstarter, cancer scams, and now a documentary fraud

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