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Jules and Lynn Kroll's documentary fund for.... their son's cancer scams?

Whatever happened to cancer comedian, Mathilde "Tig" Notaro's, documentaries? Well, that's what I asked myself, yesterday. It's hardly of interest to 99.9 percent of the rest of the world. But, it is of interest to me, for various very legitimate reasons.

 Did these suspect documentaries go the way of the webseries, -- The webseries that was pulled by Entertainment Weekly -- after just one episode with Gillian Jacobs? Click on this link /up-close-with-tig-notaro and it will lead you nowhere.

Ms.Notaro explained, on her facebook page, that Entertainment Weekly had to pull it because the name
" Up Close with Tig Notaro" was copyrighted. Well, that's a very strange explanation. I suppose most of us missed the first "Up Close with Tig Notaro," webseries.

Surely, they could have renamed it since they had already went on a mad PR campaign to promote it. Entertainment Weekly is a "big deal." You'd think they'd double check if "Up Close with Tig Notaro," was taken before submitting all those PR releases, and announcing all the guests etc.

My guess is that they found out that she never had cancer. I'm guessing they thought that was a bit much. They certainly didn't care about her stalking and kickstarter scams with Nick Kroll. I doubt they knew about the Catapult documentary scam that I'll discuss, below.

Ever since I discovered how Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro are literally -- partners in crime --my google searches have become increasingly surreal.

I say, " No, can't be." and soon enough it can, and it is. Kroll connects to absolutely every aspect of her stalking, kickstarter, and then the most known scam - the cancer scam. The press that followed her purported diagnosis too, is all about Nick Kroll. A more comprehensive expression of that discovery is  cooking up, as we speak(even if we are not speaking.) I'll serve it up, in whatever temperature,as soon as possible.

So, yeah, the comedy set wherein,  Ms. Notaro, told an audience that she'd just been (a day before, or a week before, or three days before, or hours before, or four days before) diagnosed with advanced cancer supposedly was a "big story" according to certain members of the Press. 

Most non members of the press,  or press that weren't encouraged by Nick Kroll, didn't see it that way, but those plentiful members of the press who were contacted by Nick Kroll -  sure would pretend it was a "story."

Finding out that one has cancer THUS  was not just worthy of a set, and then a massive press and PR campaign, it was fodder for not ONE but TWO documentaries, and a book.

 Lets' forget about the mysterious Showtime Project, and focus on the " Hello I have Cancer," documentary.

 More than a year ago some Huffington Post character had mentioned that she had Seen Tig Notaro "being followed around by a documentary crew." I found that curious for many reasons, but also interesting, because surely they'd confirm that she was seeing doctors and having treatment. I wasn't convinced that she was faking it, then, and so this made me think it must be legit -- too many witnesses now to be sure it was a fake...

No word about it's release, that I've heard, and so the first google search led to .

Lo and behold, I had no idea that she was to do a mixed media documentary, where she was not only to battle a life threatening illness, but as she battled, she'd be trying to have a baby...

HELLO, I HAVE CANCER is an intimate, mixed media documentary project that follows Tig Notaro, a 42-year-old Los Angeles based comedian, who just days after being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in both breasts changed the course of her career with a satirical stand-up set that became legendary overnight. This documentary explores Tig’s extraordinary journey as her career ignites and as her life unfolds in grand and unexpected ways, all the while continuing to battle a life-threatening illness and trying to have a baby all at the same time.


    Catapult Grant Awarded

  • Spring 2013
Legendary overnight, is dubious enough, but now she's trying to have a baby??? Whoa. For the vast array of cancer treatments, and non treatments, she was undergoing, as she tried to get pregnant, please read this:

Well, I had no idea that she actually got a realistic looking documentary going... what treatment would she be having as she sought to have a baby? Can you have a baby with all that radiotherapy- as reported to Claire Black of the Guardian.

Who would be cast as her partner- Missi Pyle or Stephanie Allyne?-- Or, would the desperate Stef Willen be cast, if the first two dropped out in fear for their futures, if Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro's bad businesses, came back to bite them. Hmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm again!

Then, I wondered - Could it be that the Jules and Lynn Kroll documentary funding machine played a part? I know that Nick Kroll funded her sham kickstarter... and was the sole reason she got away with murder in the Los Angeles Courts for years.

From my perspective(which is a product of severe skepticism when Kroll or Notaro are involved) that  would be the only way to explain this...but NAAAAH, can't be...,
"Catapult Kroll,"

 Within minutes-

  Wow Wow Wow. Yep. Funded by Kroll.

The domain is down so it won't let me copy and paste the choice evidence but... give it a read, and realize that Nick Kroll, used his parent's real (or front) of a documentary fund, to perpetuate his cancer scam with Tig Notaro.

The Filmmakers

Ashley York
(Director) Ashley York is an Appalachian-born filmmaker and producer whose interests include documentaries, socially conscious media and digital activism. She has worked on Academy Award® nominated teams and as a producer on documentary projects that have premiered at the Sundance, Berlin and SXSW film festivals as well as on Oprah Winfrey’s Network, A&E, IFC, HBO, Planet Green, Discovery International and the Sundance Channel. She produced two 2011 Sundance Film Festival Official selections: Becoming Chaz, about Chaz Bono’s gender transition, which garnered the 2012 Outstanding Documentary GLAAD Media Award; and Billy Luther’s GRAB, about the Laguna Pueblo tribe in New Mexico.
Read More >

Kristina Goolsby
(Co-Director) After completing the documentary program at Columbia College Chicago, Kristina Goolsby has gone on to produce, write and direct more than 60 hours of award winning non-fiction television for NBC, MTV, LOGO and A&E. As a senior producer and writer for A&E’s documentary series “Intervention,” Kristina was the writer and producer on the 2009 Emmy-Award winning episode Chad, and produced four PRISM award-winning seasons for the show.
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Huy Truong
(Producer) Huy Truong is a director of photography, interaction designer, media artist, and creative producer with extensive experience in documentary, feature film, and TV production as well as social media and game development. He has been an artist in residence at The Cooper Union StudioBlue Telerobotic Theatre in New York as well as at the Bay Area Video Coalition Producer’s Institute for New Media Technologies, a social impact laboratory merging technology with storytelling. Variety labeled him admirably pro for his work as producer and cinematographer of island, alicia, an Official Selection of the Cannes International Film Festival.

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