Sunday, April 20, 2014

Open letter to New York, and the world! Re: Bill Bratton and Kroll

Yo, New York!

Born in Brooklyn, and grew up in Queens here. Got stuck with the accent, even.

With Bill Bratton is Chief, justice will only be available to the one percent.

 I'm refining this post

and trying my best to make it less verbose, but anyone who is sick of the evil bullshit that surrounds us, should give it a read on top of the Nation article linked above.

 In a nutshell: Kroll had no business being behind any consent decree, and such a position made the LAPD even more corrupted than before Kroll came in. It is a matter of grave public concern that Kroll was the company picked, but the public is too confused and overwhelmed to be concerned.

A hijacked fifth estate isn't helping that state of affairs.

Bill Bratton signed off on the Internal investigation against John Gregozek and the LAPD's Kroll run "Threat Management Unit." I was also told by a Kratu Patel( a brave and cool dude, considering) that the public defender's office could not properly represent me "due to to conflict of interest" When I then tried to get an "alternative public defender," I had to stand before a Judge Mary Lou Villar ( Who happened to have been Mayor VillarGrossa's sister) she said without wanting me to say a word, " No conflict of interest" and so I was stuck with the public defenders office.

Now, I finally understand what that conflict of interest was-- Kroll. And the public defenders office in L.A county had become corrupted beyond reason.

Despite clear and overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption within this LAPD Threat Management  unit, and Bratton's knowing that these TMU detectives were angling for jobs with Kroll -- rather than being public servants of any sort -- they were cleared with no explanation and no investigation.

Bill Bratton cleared the real criminals, as I had to face endless malicious prosecution and jailings and competency schemes out of one's worst nightmares-- because Nick Kroll(Rotten son of Jules) wanted to show his "comedy friends," how powerful he is. A phone call to Kroll's pals at the Threat Management Unit, and the fix was in from day one. Had I known, I would saved so much energy and life, but I didn't fully figure it out till a few months ago.

Kroll's destruction of justice systems have hit L.A. NY now or already, and London for sure:

Bill Bratton is  becoming a multi millionaire and wants billions. A guy whose presence on any police force should make any sane person, scream, " CONFLICT OF INTEREST."

LAPD was a corrupted disaster with him as Boss, and now my hometown of NY is off limits too-- as long as Kroll is slithering behind the scenes. Hell, I am getting the sense that the Kroll's have destroyed another of my hometowns- Jerusalem- too!
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