Friday, April 4, 2014

The Kroll Show continues and expands and spreads, and maybe spreads to spreadsheets, but has spread for sure to Pharmacy software solutions in Canada

 Kroll might even excel in excel spreadsheets. This is the only Kroll company that might be owned by another unrelated Kroll- Still, let's just paste it for the moment-

If you don't know what I'm talking about this is the first part of my Kroll's are number 1 series.

Aside of Kroll Design, every Kroll company I've mentioned is directly tied to Jeremy or Jules, no doubt about it.

But, there are more even. For instance:

Kroll excels in Computer systems in Canada. Pharmacy something. Probably their clever way of  figuring out how to bolster their litigation support and reputational management businesses by being able to know anyone's prescriptions....

Nick Kroll gets a lot of bizarro press from Canadian outlest ,and Kroll not only has this pharmacy sideline but offices in Toronto too. 

(Nothing about them being number 1 in pharmacy software, but I wouldn't be surprised. They claim to have 28 years of experience! How do they make the time???? Surveillance, Corporate risk and espionage and spying and stuff, Security for schools, government, presidents, courts, major skyscrapers, celebrities, movie and TV studies, asset recovery globally and nationally, and fraud reports for Malaysia and Africa and San Diego and lots more famous places, and Data everything- recovery, analysis, dissemination, sales of others data for profit. Then, Credit and Bond Ratings and Mortgages and fixing ratings so Nick Kroll's show looks successful.  Threat and risk assessment and mitigation gods and experts in aviation and terrorism and litigation and reputational risk management of threats or non threats or ....
Then, they even are in charge of investigating the Lance Armstrong bicycling scandal, and surely if any data is found for the Malaysian filght the'll be there from one of their Malaysian offices.Premier name in all important background checking and due diligence concerns!

There's even more, hard as that seems to believe... When do the Krolls rest??? )

About Kroll Computer Systems Inc.

Serving over 3,500 diverse customers including, chains, banners, institutions, independents, long term care facilities and specialized clinical settings, Kroll is the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly pharmacy management software available on the market today, backed by over 28 years of experience and customer satisfaction.
Our fully flexible installation services include, software, hardware, middleware, training, and customizable 24/7 support programs. Call us at 1-800-263-5876!
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