Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tig Notaro's documentary to be released by Fraud Films ASAP: Tentative title: Hello, do you really have cancer, and where's the baby - you crazy bitch? .

Too many hits to this blog to not think there is interest about Tig Notaro's cancer story. Kroll Show review, Lance Armstrong piece, and my Eddie Brill post also getting a loads of hits. I don't get a penny from any hit, nor any other tangible reward. The  benefit I get is knowing that truth is being disseminated.In my case, I must have the truth known so my name can be used in the ways it deserves to be used. And those who played sick games with my life and my name need to be seen for what they are.

What such truth might lead to is a still a huge mystery.

 In today's insanely fast paced Universe, sound bites rule, so if you don't want to read this...

Consider this shorter version:

in late 2013, Tig Notaro told some nameless hack at Glamour UK that in September of 2012 , she was put on a course of hormone treatments that would last five years.

 After surgery, I was put on hormone-blocking treatments, which will last for five years. Chemo was suggested, but I refused, since it might affect the possibility of having kids some day. 

(Note: Jules and Lynn Kroll had funded a documentary " Hell I have Cancer" where Notaro said she was to film her "battle with cancer and she tries to have a baby-

HELLO, I HAVE CANCER is an intimate, mixed media documentary project that follows Tig Notaro, a 42-year-old Los Angeles based comedian, who just days after being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in both breasts changed the course of her career with a satirical stand-up set that became legendary overnight. This documentary explores Tig’s extraordinary journey as her career ignites and as her life unfolds in grand and unexpected ways, all the while continuing to battle a life-threatening illness and trying to have a baby all at the same time.


    Catapult Grant Awarded

  • Spring 2013)

In October of 2013, after telling an unnamed shill in England that she'd been undergoing hormone shots, for a year,this Tig " uh I can't remember lies too good uhh," Notaro told dear friend, and bizzarro Kroll pawn, Peter Holmes, that she'd relied exclusively on natural treatments, and was loving having cancer. BUT.... she was going to begin hormone treatments " In a few weeks." So not put on anything yet as opposed to- put on them "after surgery."

That really should be enough, but a month before October 2013, she told another British publication- The Independent-- that she had been under the weather and unable to do much due to Radiotherapy...

  I didn’t really start doing stand-up again until three months ago,” she says, explaining that after having a double mastectomy and radiotherapy she wasn’t in any physical or emotional state to be getting on stage.

Whatever happened to the baby and the cancer????
What about the Catapult(AKA Nick Kroll's parents) documentary about this JOURNEY?

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