Monday, June 23, 2014

Kroll IRS hard drive contract, and some exasperation with the current state of journalism

Woodward and Berstein are a thing of the past, they say. Who are these, "they"? Well, I'd say just a lot of voices in the osmosis desperate for a big time reporter-- to make the scandals come to life.

Hard to believe that so many journalists are not anxious to break the stories of  the century. But then again, Woodward and Bernstein, didn't have Michael Hastings and Barret Brown as precedents( or decedents, in Hasting's case. )We have Glenn Greenwald,but not everyone can bear having to write their dispatches from Brazil and having their boyfriends( or girlfriends)  held in airports for hours. And, he sure hasn't gone balls to the wall -- though it would be obnoxious to expect him to in these SCARY times.

 Still, you'd hope that enough would brace themselves, or band together, or just go off the grid to where they are safe to use their reputability to expose the kind of malfeasance that is SINISTER mixed with intolerable.

As an obscure scribbler, who sometimes writes a blog post... I sure hope something changes for society's sake. All the bloggers, and other non big shots are not cutting it.

That said, Josh Hicks' poses some fine questions at Woodward and Bernstein old haunt, Washington Post. Here's just number 2.

2. Please explain the IRS’s discovery that the hard drive failure on Lois Lerner’s computer resulted in the destruction of documents responsive to the Committee’s subpoenas of August 2, 2013, and February 14, 2014, including the following information:

I want to add more questions to his question\:

Any contracts with Data Retrieval companies in response to subpoenas.? If so, what happened exactly ? Why was the number name in Data Recovery( and a host of other specialties-

Contractor NameSigned DateObligation AmountDescription

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