Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stef Willen can't even keep her bio straight- Yet, this pathological liar wants to be a non fiction writer

This is what obscure, but desperate for fame at all costs, Stef Willen, recently wrote about herself on her own blog/website


Stef Willen is a writer, editor, and artist who always thought she’d be a paleontologist. At age 14 she discovered a 140 million-year-old egg from what was suspected to be a Nodosaur, making itIMG_2252 - Version 2 the first known armored dinosaur egg ever found. This was unbelievable luck since she had, at that point, wanted to be a paleontologist half of her life. After taking one acting class in college, she moved to Los Angeles to be an actress. She has auditioned at Starbucks, on ratty couches, a roof, and at La Salsa. She writes the multi-award winning, Total Loss: A Column About Inventorying Other People’s Tragedies, for McSweeney’s Internet Tedency and was the 2010 McSweeney’s Grand Prize Column Contest winner. She contributes regularly to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and other internet portals. She is a contributor to Public Radio International’s This Ameican Life and was the co-star of the film, EM (Vanguard Cinema in 2011), which won the Grand Jury Prize at Seattle International Film Festival. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado and lives mostly in Los Angeles and a little in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She no longer (knowingly) auditions at Starbucks.

Note: Stephanie or "Stef" Willen does not contribute regularly to anything. She won a contest by fraud and did not write regularly for Mcsweeneys since that contest. Google it for yourself.She won a McSweeney's column strictly due to Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro rigging it for her. Same for her LA press award based on the same deal with Nick Kroll, and with the help of a dirtbag windbag named Amy Alkon. Multi award winning? She won one fake bought off award. Kroll also got her EM and it was the worst movie evah. The only gig Stef Willen might have gotten on her own is "Long Ago" where she played a forlorn butch lesbian with a rat tail, poorly. Which is sad in many ways. I highly doubt now that Stef Willen even graduated college. She's one of those pathological liars who lies with agenda, or with no agenda. She enjoys lying. Paleontoligist? Keep reading...

Ms. Willen's Bio a few years ago when a Nick Kroll scored her a role in a very bad movie wherein she played a mental case(poorly again) named EM whose real name was Amanda.

Stef Willen - Amanda "Em" Helms

Stef Willen was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She first acted as a bush in an elementary school production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” While attending the University of Colorado, she obtained a more demanding role when her roommate asked her to be the lead in her senior thesis short film. In 2001, Stef graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in anthropology and biology. She was planning on going to Africa to study apes or dig for ancestral humans, but her film was seen by a talent manager in Los Angeles who encouraged her to pursue acting. Stef moved to Denver and studied acting with Brian McCulley. Shortly thereafter, she was signed by an agent and moved to Los Angeles in 2003. There, she studied acting with Nina Kether Axelrod and improv at the Groundlings and ACME Comedy Theatre. She has since starred in many short films ...

Note: What many short films? Google and see she was in one short film that doesn't even show up.  One called "Long Ago" that she told me she hated with a passion and was humiliated by. Now, it's anthropology, \eh?
She took one acting class and how fun she just went to LA to be an actress, or this version... I would bet anything she never found any dinosaur egg. She's bad egg, and as crazy as it gets. Will Katie Shea Boutillier of the Donal Maas agency really want non fiction from this maniac?

Upcoming: Other impossible to explain away ( and much more serious) lies of Stef Willen of Boulder Colorado( I do believe it's possible she was born in Boulder but that's it, truthwise)

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