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Politics are over my head, so Geo Political connections involving epically powerful people, are way over my head. Way out of my sphere of reality or comprehension.

 But I'll repost this person's blog in the hopes in means something to someone.. Maybe one day when I'm long dead someone will find Deilgat's post meaningful and maybe they found it do to me reposting it.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

U.S. Justice Department withholding evidence in 9/11 case of John P. O'Neil's Estate class action

By: Daniel M. Deilgat
Toronto, Ontario

Back in 1993, shortly after a Wall Street Journal article, by Mark Robichaux, about related circumstances to my client's case, a shareholder of Allied Cellular Systems Ltd called me to get some information about our efforts to launch an investigation against Micheal Edward Marcovsky the Chairman of Allied Cellular Systems Ltd.

That shareholder was an attorney with the New York firm of Marks and Murase, the same firm that had advised the Government of Kuwait and suggested that Kroll International be commissioned to investigate and find the assets of the late Saddam Hussein. The government of Kuwait was trying to recoup some money in compensation for the losses they had incurred after Iraq had invaded Kuwait, which launched “The Gulf War”.

I met with that attorney in New York city both at his office with several other attorneys present and privately in his Park Avenue apartment. The meeting at the offices of Marks & Murase were taped and recorded. Shareholders of Allied were present and at least one Director of the Board of Allied was also present.

What our hosts hadn't realized yet at the time is that we already knew about the role of Kroll International's role in the Kuwait investigations however, I was prevented from disclosing that aspect of the file because a subsidiary of Kroll here in Canada was hired by the Federal police-The RCMP, to investigate an un-seemingly related case that involved allegations that a former Prime Minister of Canada was involved in a kick back scheme in return for favouring the purchase of Airbus Aircrafts at the behest of Boeing Industries.

Kroll's lead in Canada, led to an Isle of Man financier by the name of Peter Michael Bond. Bond had handled the funds on behalf of Prime Minister Mulroney through a constellation of international entities that were managed, in part, by one Engelbert Schreiber. Engelbert Schreiber shared offices with the accountant of Karlheinz Schreiber, Georgio Pelosi, who was in charge of depositing the funds he had received from Karlheinz Schreiber in Swiss accounts earmarked for Prime Minister Mulroney.These accounts were used to deposit funds paid by Airbus Industries to entities founded by Engelbert Schreiber. Engelbert Schreiber in turn ceded the founder's rights of these entities to Karlheinz Schreiber.

While Kroll Canada was investigating Peter Michael Bond for his role in the handling of kickbacks in what is referred to here in Canada as The Airbus Scandal”, Kroll International was investigating Bond and Engelbert Schreiber for their role in the constellation of entities that handled Saddam Hussein's fortune and, we were investigating Peter Michael Bond for his role in receiving in excess of three hundred million dollars of my client's cash under the direction of one Lee Gilson Lovett and Allied's Chairman, Michael Edward Marcovsky, counsel Michael Kassan.

These specific investigations that Kroll conducted became the corner stone of Kroll's Chairman's fortunes, Jules Kroll. Over the following ten years, Kroll would become an international investigation powerhouse and with that came the money and lots of it.

Kroll's investigation of the Airbus allegations fizzled just as the case against the former Prime Minister did but something strange happened in the process of winding down the case. At the same time, Kroll advised the Kuwaiti government that they could only find between fifteen to thirty million dollars of Saddam Hussein's fortune.

Shortly thereafter, Peter Michael Bond was recruited by the CIA. His role was to report on the movement of funds between the multitude of accounts used by Saddam Hussein and any other parties related to and/or otherwise affiliated with terrorism financing. Bond went on to act on behalf of Russian interests such as Bank Menatep and Yukos Oil in a scam that involved twenty billion dollars worth of revenues generated by Yukos Oil. Bank Menatep's Chairman retained the services of Dr. Henry Kissinger on its International Advisory Board.

Meanwhile, back in Canada, an investigative journalist responsible for spearheading the allegations on behalf of the German News Magazine Der Spiegel, against Brian Mulroney in the Airbus Scandal, Jock Ferguson, abandoned the Airbus story and went to work for Kroll International's Florida offices, just as Kroll advise the federal police here in Canada on the case that involved Peter Michael Bond and his role on behalf of the CIA.

It became clear at this point that Kroll International became complicit in suppressing any evidence that related to the Bond/Schreiber constellation of entities. What we didn't know was why...

Bond is an interesting character. Earlier in life Bond was a taxi driver that gradually clawed his way into the mysterious and very secretive world of money laundering through the ranks of a subsidiary of Riggs Bank of Washington DC. Through its wholly own parent, Riggs International.

At this point in time, none of us realized that the same entities managed by Engelbert Schreiber and Peter Bond would eventually control the majority of the funds available to Al Qaida. Even less so that these funds would be use eventually to finance what is now known as the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

However, the same cannot be claimed by George Tenet's CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency still to this day, possess' all of the information pertaining to the constellation of accounts and banks that AlQaida and Bond used to finance the terrorist attacks of September the 11th, 2001.

George Tenet was appointed as Director of the CIA by George W. Bush's predecessor, Bill Clinton. As a Clinton appointee, Tenet held evidence of the involvement of George W. Bush's father- former President George H.W. Bush, with entities managed in the Isle of Man by Peter Michael Bond. Along with the President's father, the list of clients of Peter Bond included the likes of Canadian former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former British Prime Ministers John Major and Margaret Thatcher.

While this information was obvious to Director Tenet, prior to the 9/11 attacks Tenet didn't worry too much about the Statesmen involvement in the complex structures designed by Bond and Schreiber.

It wasn't until sometimes after the 9/11 attacks that peter Bond and Engelbert Schreiber became the best friends of the American Government under George W. Bush. Schreiber for his part had a more secluded role because of his past affiliations with Columbian drug lords but Peter Bond had no such skeletons in his closet, and he was more than willing to collaborate. Yet, Bond was a liability.

The Bush administration moved swiftly once they realized just how dangerous the information that Bond had.

Peter Bond had been feeding information at this point for years to the CIA. Bond's revelations involved the involvement of former President and Prime Ministers' role in a network of entities that had handled the funds used to finance the 9/11 attacks. If that information ever made it into a courtroom, The United States of America, Great Britain and Canada would have a lot of explaining to do and of course would end up on the wrong end of a multi trillion dollars class action suit, that wasn't going to happen, George W. Bush caused for the Justice Department to grant full and total immunity to Peter Michael Bond, securing Bond by preventing him from testifying or otherwise discussing any details of his clients and their role in the various entities he and Schreiber managed on their behalf.

With that immunization, effectively the Bush administration concealed the evidence of the financing of the 9/11 attacks and by the same token, suppressed any evidence that could be presented by the lawyers representing John P. O'Neil's Estate et Als, in their class action suit that seeks damages of in excess of one trillion dollars.

If I had a message for the O'Neil's Estate attorneys it would be; ask the DoJ about Peter Michael Bond and his affiliation with Engelbert Schreiber.

But then again, I would ask why George W. Bush appointed Dr. Henry Kissinger as Co-Chair of the 9/11 commission when Mr. Kissinger's firm was retained by some of the individuals that both Bond and Schreiber acted as trustees for, all of it under the watchful eye of George Tenet and the CIA.

Kissinger resigned immediately after I wrote to the commission citing “...a conflict of interests between his private practice clients and his role as Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission.

So did Tenet.


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