Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nick Kroll's Buzzfeed Article is as phony as his cancer scam with Tig Notaro

 First of all, it makes absolutely no sense to feature Nick Kroll in a long long article for Buzzfeed, when his Kroll Show was a colossal critical, commercial, and audience flop, and no one but a commissioned writer(Commissioned by Kroll himself) like Anne Helen Peterson would find him a legitimate celebrity.

Secondly, the article is full of so many lies that I will have to show to be lies(if god doesn't smite him first) and just now that seems too tedious to handle.

So let's just focus, for now, on one line I found to be very telling.


From the article:

Kroll says his goal for the show “was to make stuff that’s funny to us, that would help me work down the line with people I respect.

 Translation:  I want to be the Jules Kroll of Comedy. In other words to be a success by any means necessary.  So I used that money and power to get my rich kid wanna be celebrities and me to amuse ourselves with our private jokes.  The rest? The audience? Who cares. I have it planned so audience response won't stand in the way of my well thought out career goals. I found a way to make myself, and certain select people who might help me out some day- fake famous. I have the tools, money, contacts to get the press even to write articles about how awesome we all are even if most of us really suck.

 And by me using all my fathers Hollywood connections and somehow(to the mystification to all but a few ) scoring a show on Comedy Central Show(that had cancel worth ratings and was critically ignored) and to fund it so that Comedy Central actually kept in on for thee seasons...

See, by me getting this show I cast hungry creatives by writing big checks and having comedy central just let me do what will help ME.. See then hungry or struggling wannabes will owe me favors.  If they make it they better return those favors, cause you don't mess with a Kroll.

 This way -- I'll always get to work in Hollywood even though, I clearly am too hard on the eyes and untalented to make it on my own. 

Me talking: Listen, Nick Kroll can have his pathetic and highly cynical goals  but when he has complete disdain  for the goals and dreams of others... well so far you get this blog.... But life is long if Kroll or someone doesn't get some Kroll goon to kill me(and that sounds crazy but it's not.)

See Richard Chang- WikiSpooks.

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