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Funny Business in the Funny Business: Nick Kroll leads the pack of a new generation of one percerter wannabe comedians

Gave "Nick Kroll Nepotism," a google and came upon this,

I don't see a place where I could respond, so I'll respond here to the statements about how it's only three comedians who seem to have a lot of money and connections.

Hard to convince some strangers out there, but this list does not arise from sour grapes. I never paid any attention to others money or success. I don't feel envy or jealousy. Maybe, that's strange, but anyone who knows me, knows that to be the case.

 I did not seek out the information on anyone but Nick Kroll. The rest came about by chance. I have a special interest in this Nick Kroll only because he not only funded and produced the most malicious and damaging malicious prosecution against me, but he then pulled strings and called in favors, to create, and then legitimize Tig Notaro's faked fame by fake cancer.

He even created(with Tig Notaro) a whole comedy Festival -- Bentzen Ball-- to assure that Martha Kelly, Jackie Kashian, and Jeff Klinger would lie under oath if it came to that... And it did come to that but Alissa Malzman Sterling mysteriously didn't mention this incredibly discrediting bit of info, and said "Ooops" when I showed my horror for this "oversight."

In other words, Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro are diabolical psychopaths who caused me and my family to endure hell on earth for years, and for no conceivable reason.

I am convinced  he not only wrangled certain comedians to set up an artificial "cancer set," but that he then called in favors in the press(His father and brother are that connected and that powerful, and Kroll journalism jobs are very in demand..) to then plot a highly inorganic cancer fame for his fellow psychopath and according to him, my, "Best and oldest comedy friend," Tig Notaro.

Nick Kroll stole so much from me and my loved ones, it defies belief. He stole a fortune in money, in peace of mind, liberty, career, future... Had he not done so, believe me, I never would have one ounce of interest in him or his money, or connections, machinations or career. Or anyone's... for that matter.

So, is it just three comedians succeeding in alternative comedy, that come from great wealth and connections, as some on the defensive commenters state here: (it's a short read... I suspect those making the defensive comments are nick kroll. He obsessively trolls for any mention of his name.)

A very limited list. I am sure there are more :

Nick Kroll - father is a  multi billionaire who does security for major Hollywood studios. Father and brother are the go to firms for "reputational management, " and "litigation support" for major celebrities and Hollywood movers and shakers. Father and brother do "due diligence" work for the biggest players in the world. Family business(s) does security for Obama and are big big donors to Hillary Clinton and Obama. Not sure about how many other presidential candidates they donate to.Nick Kroll stated on the Peter Holmes Podcast, "You made it Weird," that he had no Hollywood connections, but that is absolutely a lie. He's as connected as it gets, and his use of funding for favors and roles... doesn't hurt.

Father member of Economics club which boast that members are the "700 most powerful people in the world." Henry Kissinger and a few Bushes are members too.

Henry Kissinger's son, David, is now a big wig in comedy and gave Peter Holmes a late night show when... Peter Holmes has no real history in comedy and judging by a few clips on youtube-- is an abysmal ass kissing boot licker. The Peter Holmes Show featured those I believe to be on Nick Kroll's list of comedians - comedians that Nick Kroll  thinks will establish him as not only a famous comedian but as a mover and shaker like his father...

This is all to be found on google- so this is not conspiracy theory stuff. Nick Kroll is engaged in a fix is in approach to comedy/and or show business success. As his "oldest and best comedy friend, who I would do anything for,"- Tig Notaro said on her podcast.. "Oh Nick... You and that checkbook of yours... how you write those checks." She then alluded to a "list" that she was on. Nick Kroll assured her " Tig, you are on top of that list."

Jules, Lynn, Nick, and Jeremy Kroll are also major funders of NPR, PBS, The Paley Center, LACMA,The Sundance Institute and other cultural entities. This is why Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll, and other Kroll comedy cronies are often hyped there to the degree where the comment sections are full of confusion... i.e... what is up with this bullshit etc.

 just five out of hundreds of examples

Interview: Nick Kroll, Actor In 'Adult Beginners' : NPR

Check out the comments on this one-

Nick Kroll and his friends have really been promoted like crazy in Grantland... His brother in law, Roger Bennet, works for ESPN and likely the Kroll's donate to it

I believe this type of business model is behind Nick Kroll and his ability to

again, there are hundreds to thousands of examples of strange promotional articles written about Nick Kroll and his friends by highbrow and low brow press outlets- when Nick Kroll's "comedy" is not only not one bit clever or funny, but it's mostly low brow potty stuff. bowel movements are his favorite comedy topic.

For more on Nick Kroll's astoundingly connected and powerful famly-

John Mulaney - father is the president of Georgetown University, and possibly a billionaire cause father closes billion dollar deals all the time as a corporate merger and acquisitions attorney. Google Chip or Charles or Chuck Mulaney. His parents are also purported to be good friends with Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Mulaney was a big part of Nick Kroll's grand goal to turn himself and his friends into the "next generation of comedy." So far this form of a payola scheme has not done very well. Peter Holmes Show, Kroll Show, and Mulaney have tanked big time. And Tig Notaro's career has not launched despite faked press, and every possible opportunity afforded her.

Amy Schumer - uncle is Senator Chuck Schumer,  or her cousin. In one article says he is uncle who got her off grand larceny charge. Then it seems to change to cousin as her career progresses.

I have no personal animus towards Schumer other than the fact that I think she was used in order to legitimize Nick and Tigs big cancer scam and since Heidi Feigin is her agent, and knows what Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro did to me, her feminist shtick gets on my nerves. 

Chuck Schumer is friends with Jules Kroll and Amy S and Nick Kroll often work together. In fact, they both appear to perform together at nearly every comedy festival, and both get OVERLY glowing press considering their comedy.  Vulture and other outlets seem to think they and their friends are worthy of way way too many articles.

They also both have sketch shows that seem to get renewed despite low ratings- though Kroll Show was much more low rated than Schumer's show.

Whitney Cumming- Father a Venture Capitalist and a Millionaire. I have zero beef with her but found her show so awful - that I would not be surprised if wealth played a part in her ability to star in her own show.

Chelsea Perretti -
 Brother Jonah Perretti is the founder of Buzzfeed and the Co-Founder of Huffington Post. This is why so many insanely fawning(and often filled with fake information) articles are written in both publications-about Chelsea's dear friends, Nick Kroll, Peter Holmes, and Tig Notaro -among others who she considers to be friends, or those who can assist her one aspirations.A major conflict of interest exists but few would have reason to put two and two together.She was a big part of the Abysmal Kroll Show and I believe that she has her brother plant articles to fake it till you make it... for her... and those who can help her.

Iliza Shlesinger-

Father a Millionaire. Her victory on Last Comic Standing, when no one finds her funny.. you be the judge on that.. cause I have no beef with her.

 Also, a comedian named Chris Fairbanks made it his business to ask me what I thought of her Last Comic Standing win when I ran into him(long story, notaro had put him on an RO as a roommate but of course just another lie.) In retrospect, he was giving me a hint... like... hey it's fixed. nothing to do about it... Back then I had no idea who this Nick Kroll guy was, or why he was pretending to see me commit all kinds of crimes.

Peter Holmes  

 This is an interesting case: his credits before getting his own late night talk show was uh a few geeky youtube videos and uh the voice of the E-Trade Baby. On his excruciating " You made it Weird" Podcast, when he spoke to Nick Kroll, he mentioned a few times he comes from a "privileged background." Any inspection of his performance on his own late night talk show... well, it's so gross and he seems like such a boot-licking yes man ... that it is evidence in itself.

His father seems just to be a wealthy businessman from what I can tell from google. If you watch the equally excruciating late night talk show with his name.... well, the list that Nick Kroll keeps(comedians or others who he will help so they then help me by casting him or having them on his shows) is very heavily featured. to the point of WTF!

Here it gets nutty.. Who hired Peter Holmes? David Kissinger(head of Conaco). Who made a show of being Peter Holmes's mentor? Conan Obrian. How is David Kissinger connected- Well Henry Kissinger and Jules Kroll are members at this ultra elite club and you can imagine Jules bringing up his shmo son, Nick Kroll, at a meeting.. i.e my loser unfunny son wants a show and a career and a host and a ....

So it isn't too farfetched with David Kissinger calling shots... but what about Conan O'Brian.... Well he has Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro, and other low life members of Nick Kroll's "list" on anytime they seem to want to promote something... This is especially glaring with Tig Notaro if you know some more key facts(coming.) Well, you'd think that Conan is too big to care about Kroll or what he could do for him... but it's possible that years ago favors were done for him, and he is returning the favors...or that Conan O'Brian benefits somehow from the David Kissinger and other political connections that Nick Kroll brings to the table....

Not sure how this fits in but Jules Kroll is Cheif of NYPD Bill Bratton's boss. Was his boss too when Bratton was Cheif of the LAPD(and when I was being MALICIOUSLY prosecuted) And here Conan O'Brian is performing for a benefit for Bill Bratton...

Conan To Emcee Police Benefit; You're Really Not Invited ...
LA Weekly
Nov 4, 2009 - An elite event to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Los Angeles Police Department, to mark the end of Chief William Bratton's tenure, and ...

Image result for peter holmes comedyImage result for peter holmes comedyImage result for jules kroll

Global Power Structures - Just Chillin on History - Blogger
Jun 29, 2014 - The Economic Club Thomas Watson | William R. Rhodes | Peter Peterson (chair) | Jules Kroll | Robert Mueller | Henry Kissinger | George W.

Economic Club of New York - NNDB
30+ items - "The Economic Club of New York is a membership organization ...
Known for.
Herbert M. Allison
CEO of TIAA-CREF, 2002-08.
Gail D. Fosler
c. 1948
President, The Conference Board.

Reggie Watts and TJ Miller- Told that both come from very wealthy backgrounds. Don't know anything about them... but there does seem too many kids from hyper wealth or connected backgrounds to be a coincidence.

I won't even get into Lake Bell's ( alleged Nick Kroll ex girlfriend. alleged cause Nick Kroll is gay) mysterious Sundance Screenplay award or Lena Dunham's friendship with Nick Kroll. I know that Nick Kroll has been fixing awards, comedy festival placements, articles in major publications. I intend to prove it right after I show the underlying cases that made me have to even think of this no talent shyster bastard and his prunish best pal, Mathilde, " Nick You promised I'd be a star," Notaro...

"Oh you and that checkbook of yours, Nick." "I hope I didn't offend you Nick and you don't take me off the list."

to be heard here:

For more... google.." Nick Kroll leads the pack of a new generation of comedians...." And see how he uses this tag line to launch Mulaney before the Mulaney/Kroll partnership hit a ROUGH PATCH when both of their shows died miserable deaths.

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