Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My gut( and my heart and my brain) know that Judge Samantha Jessner is an evil fraud


One line in there really bugged me 

“He was consulting about how to pay less, not how not to pay, which strikes me as, people do this all the time, people are upset about their legal fees every day,” she said. “It just doesn’t strike me in the gut as fraud, it strikes me in the gut as, gee, like most clients, this guy was upset about the amount of legal fees, so he turned to his brother in law, who happens to be a lawyer, for advice.”

Note: Judge Samantha Jessner is one of the most notorious frauds in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Not just a notorious fraud but one of the most lawless, ruthless, and sinister  judges imaginable.

A "judge" willing to have innocent plaintiffs be railroaded into mental hospitals, and declared incompetent, because they are obviously innocent and therefore have big money damages for the civil cases that will follow, if the case goes to trial .

Samantha Jessner was the go to judge for dirty search warrant,s and all sorts of illegal acts by corrupt cops and prosecutors.

She will rubber stamp anything given her by the prosecution. It is a small blessing that she has been moved from the Criminal Courts, but she should be in Prison for many years for her crimes.
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