Monday, August 3, 2015

watch nick kroll perform 40 minutes of kickass comedy... or NOT...

Is there a word for him, really. Shifty and Shady seem tame... What do you call the son of one of the most powerful men in the world... who instead of doing good... just defrauds his way throughout life...

Because Nick Kroll decided to use the massive connections he had in the LAPD and the Los Angeles Superior Courts and Federal Courts, and because he chose to submit false and vicious statements to the police and prosecution...and that this put me and my family through hell on earth... well, that opened him up to my scrutiny... And though I know that someone like Kroll  -viewed me as some gnat(no money, no connections, no power) .. I hope I have been this sort of a gnat

And, due to my gnatty scrutiny .. I began to see that not only had he committed many serious crimes throughout the civil and criminal cases involving myself, my family and the city of Los Angeles(who footed most of the bill) but that his whole career (and Tig Notaro's cancer "success." ) was also a sham.

I cannot bring myself to see this bizarre thing called "Tig"- a documentary funded by the Lynn and Jules Kroll foundation AKA Catapult(of course!) but I have zero doubt that not only did she never have cancer, but that there wasn't a real set, and then that  there was no organic interest in the fact(or the non fact) that she went on a Largo(funded by Kroll) stage and talked of her supposed woes. Kira Hesser where did you go?? Why did your supposed "blog post" about this set go "viral" before you even posted it to your blog??

All smell tests fail when it comes to Notaro, Kroll, and her instantly curable advanced cancer.

 It feels as if I am too fed up to be of much effect against the kind of bullshit that Kroll money and connections can buy, but of course I'll try my best till something breaks. Plus, the underlying court stories are much more important and compelling....

In the meantime, look at this... The same scrutiny led me to discover that Nick Kroll had no stand up comedy career, before being given network shows(Cavemen) and then the League.  Then based on no real show of comedic chops or success...(acting in the league doesn't count) three seasons of his own self named comedy show on Comedy Central.

No need to get into his bought off Variety awards or his bought off hosting gigs....Let's stick to the inarguable fact that Nick Kroll never paid any stand up comedy dues. That kind of thing would annoy the comedy nerd people  or maybe other comedians -who expect that kind of thing...I don't really care if someone has talent... let them be an overnight success if they truly please the public with their talents... But, most would agree, Nick Kroll does not have comedic talent. It is possible he can play a douche well but that is not enough to base any career on and to get a three season sketch show, when no one was watching in since early in season one!???

Nick Kroll is many many bad bad things, but not being savvy is not one of his ISS-UES. So now Nick posts a youtube video in the hopes that no one looks closer....well look all that talk of Nick Kroll being a phoney, and here he is doing forty minutes of stellar stand up comedy?

Please, tell me if I am missing some stand up here as Jules Kroll's son chats with Elvis Mitchell( of the New York Times.) It's gotten obvious, I'm pretty sure, but the reason for Nick Kroll's hosting the Gotham Awards and being featured at this LACMA production(Or on NPR or PBS or at the Paley Center) is solely due to the Kroll's generous funding of these cultural entities throughout the years.

The only thing in that "stand up" video that is real  is that Nick Kroll describes himself as a, "vicious bitch."
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