Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Judge" Samantha Jessner, you are such a revolting maniac

Samantha Jessner should be on a bus bench, waiting for a godforsaken L.A bus - to take her to her Parole Officer. Instead, she is still referred to as, "your honor," and she is free to abuse her power, day after day.

Also, rather than sitting on that bus bench on her way to her (likely disgusted) Parole officer, she reads this forsaken blog... way too often. My god, she's here many times a month... she needs Dr. Khaushal Sharma to evaluate why that is, cause it strikes me as CUCKOO.

It's all  kind of pathetic. But Judge Jessner is too sinister to evoke compassion.

If you don't want people blogging about what a vile criminal you are, Samantha Jessner,... My advice... stop breaking all the laws, stop ruining lives, stop being such an evil sack of crap...stop being a human nightmare.

But you are a sociopath. No doubt about that... so you will not learn EVER.

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