Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cold off the presses. This is the sole document that Mathilde "Tig" Notaro filed to get a very special temporary restraining order

As with the 6 exigent circumstance search warrants that would be granted to John Gregozek, James Hoffman by notoriously corrupt judges and approved by  Threat Management Unit Supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn... (And future Kroll employee)This first filing in the case of all good people vs. Nick Kroll, Stef Willen, Tig Notaro, and a huge amount of others - was a sham....

You see, no evidence of any kind  was needed to have an emergency order( where no notice or hearing aka due process) was necessary "awarded" this "Tig" Notaro. Her lawfirm, Lavely and Singer, didn't even have to sign anything or provide one document. They didn't even think they needed to provide one sentence of support for this emergency remedy

 - though Notaro would list Lavely and Singer as being her representatives in this matter, due to Nick Kroll's involvement... Lavely and Singer and Notaro's special lawyer, Allison Hart(Seivers) didn't even have to show up to court.

 Later when no due process was necessary- since we were dealing with Nick Kroll's self professed, "Best friend," to have Judge Gerald Rosenberg "award" Notaro a 3 year CLETS order, the fact that her attorney of record didn't show up to the "permanent hearing"is pretty incredible when you consider that Notaro was able to show up "Pro Per," without even filing a substitution of attorney form and that Judge Gerald Rosenberg never noted this glaring absence of attorney.

So much breaking of rules and law and procedure  -- for an obscure comedienne with an awful name? Represented by Lavely and Singer too? Judge and cops and prosecutors all such fans of her comedy?

Lavely and Singer: lawfirm to Arnold Shwartzenegger , Bill Cosby, Sylvester Stallone, Bryan Singer, Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Sheen, and other huge VIP's?

Not having to even make any effort to file legitimate documents, and no effort to even falsify evidence... No evidence. not one other document filed by John Gregozek, or other members of Nick Kroll's "thug force" of Threat Management Unit detectives? notaro was so sure and so arrogant(with reason) that she didn't even fill in most of the form and she didn't even write one reason to what such extreme remedies were necessary. Was this okayed by Judge Gerald Rosenberg? Of course.... Why? cause this ugly little lady with the atrociously annoying name of "Tig' was Nick Kroll's dear friend...Note too that no lawyers were listed this time around though other documents will claim that Allison Hart Sievers was the one filing the paperwork.
check it out... now that's some scary description of my threats and crimes... what judge in their right mind wouldn't take the extreme measures of dropping  all the  due process expected to protect tig notaro... from whaaaaaaaaaat?

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