Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The pig's possibility

The pigs possibility

The pig woke up one day with a yellowed B.A
And, a job where she had to fold clothes everyday.

Her hooves were aching and
Her heart was breaking
Our pig felt that she should be more
Than a folder in a store
 Sowicide was messy
She'd fight some more
She was a refined porcine
Who couldn't  afford to be so poor.

 The customer asking for a baby tee
Broke her from her reverie-
the  pen had a landlard
And bills always came due
The pig decided she'd have to call Lou.

Lou had used his degree properly
And  now owned
his own temp agency

Damn, she thought I don’t want to fold clothes or type
I deserve to be on a throne
But the throne wasn’t forthcoming
So she picked up the phone

"Hey, Lou whats up.I need a job real bad."
"I’ll be at the pond ," said Lou
You see, Lou was a frog.
and conducted business from a lily pad.

 Lou greeted her with tales of sucess, and other assorted hype
He never once uttered Ribbit Ribbit-
That, you see, is just a stereotype.

The  frog got her a gig,
to begin the next day

“Ah ha,” our newly employed pig,
didn't even need a resume.

That night, she  set out her work clothes
and pantyhose
At  times like this,
she wished she had toes.

It seems necessary to tell the tale:
 hooves cause damage  to stockings
that  has caused  many a pig to wail.

Next Morning

The alarm went off and the pig
Pushed the snooze button
At times like this – she wished she was mutton
Mutton slept late and
Never felt blue
They  actually bragged about the fact
That they were only good for stew

But she born a sophisticated swine
Forced to joint his rank rat race
Ah, such dark thoughts
were just cutting off her snout to spite her face

Verna, her neighbor, had earned her keep by stripping
But, our hog couldn’t stop the salad days by undressing
Being a refined porcine, at such times
felt like a curse, not a blessing.

On the way, she passed the mutton’s slum
And ,she felt sure that her time would never come.

Our valiant swine showed up on time.
And, that will conclude this piggish rhyme.

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