Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kroll sure had a lot to gain from wars that didn't even occur yet.....check the dates on these contracts!!!!!!!!!

    Kroll-O'Gara wins $60M Humvee contract - Cincinn
  1. www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/stories/1998/04/20/daily12.html
    Apr 22, 1998 - Kroll-O'Gara Co. in Fairfield has won a federal contract worth $59.4 million to produce Humvees with extra armoring for the military.
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  2. Kroll | Humvee Combat Vest | Accessories | Lone Star ...

    Lone Star Uniforms, Kroll Humvee Combat Vest, Humvee Combat Vest. . 8430 N Sam Houston Parkway W, Houston, TX, 77064, (832) 237-8000.
  3. Kroll-O'Gara wins $24M deal to armor Humvees

    Apr 15, 2000 - Kroll-O'Gara Co., the Fairfield security hardware and services firm, won a $24.4 million vehicle armoring contract from the U.S. Army on Friday.
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  4. O'Gara rolls out 1,000th Humvee - Cincinnati Enquirer

    May 28, 1998 - Mr. Callicotte was in the right passenger seat of a Humvee in late ... The company, now part of Kroll-O'Gara Inc., received the Army's first ...
  5. Swine effluvia

    2 days ago - Is Mother Jones reporter -Andy Kroll- a relation of Nick Kroll? ..... Lone Star Uniforms, Kroll Humvee Combat Vest, Humvee Combat Vest.
  6. Kroll-O'Gara Awarded Contract For Up-Armored Humvees ...

    www.highbeam.com › ... › Defense DailyDecember 2000
    Dec 5, 2000 - Kroll-O'Gara [KROG] last week was awarded a $30.3 million option to a contract it received... | Article from Defense Daily December 5, 2000.
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  7. History of Kroll Inc. – FundingUniverse

    Kroll was all about esoteric, behind the scenes maneuvering; O'Gara was the world's leading manufacturer of specially outfitted Hummers, limousines, and other ...

    The New York Times
    Apr 24, 2001 - Kroll-O'Gara is selling the unit to focus on its corporate investigations ... which modifies limousines and adds armor to the military's Humvees.
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