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Pauley Perrette's "Brutal" attack by David Merck. Hoax or real? You decide.

Since I am really sickened by two men being in jail because of known nutcase... I wrote this. Better version

Please, take a look:

Pauley Perrete's allegations:

1) I was walking across the street to a guest house I bought to meet my new architect

2)On my street I was attacked by a VERY psychotic homeless man

3)He grabbed me so forcefully, pinned my arm, punched me in the nose forehead repeatedly telling me he was going to kill me

4) Then he showed me how he was going to kill me.

5)He kept repeating his name William Holton(she leaves last name out, but later it is known) DON'T FORGET THAT I'm going to kill you

6) I was alone. terrified. trapped

7) I prayed my heart out and then finally said, )

8)William is a beautiful name. I have a little nephew named William

9)That's all I said. All I did other than praying my heart out.

10) He started to punch me again and then Said: Get the Fuck out of here and I did.

11)I went into shock. Collapsed on the sidewalk

12)Some guy walked by me with a dog that licked my face.

13)He was on his phone. Annoyed. did nothing.

14)I texted my friend next door. And my church friend cop.

15)I immediately drew a sketch of the guy - who was headed towards Hollywood Blvd with murder in his eyes.

16)) My pal James took a pic of my sketch, found the guy, surveilled him

17)The Cop came and followed James to him. Got him Felony Assault.

(Then, we learn that the "authorities" a Jane Kim and a Ricardo Hernandez from the LAPD confirm Paulley Perrette's account. For this to be kosher, they'd have to see surveillance tape or perhaps David Merck made a full confession.

So though this story sounds fishy, by any standards, the "AUTHORITIES" have given it their stamp of approval.


A charitable actress from NCIS has made it out alive, and has chosen to share her grace fro the homeless,and her love of the cops. Most would hate the guy for beating the crap out of her and threatening her life, but not our Pauley.

The Very psychotic and violent homeless man is where he belongs, the story continues.. He's in jail. The prosecutors and cops are now are in charge, and have filed two charges - one for false imprisonment by Violence, and one for criminal threats

Let's give her statements a second look:

1) Okay, going to meet her architect but no mention of how she felt she'd be saved cause he was on his way. We just have to believe she bought a guesthouse across the street and assume she either bought the attached property or just the guesthouse.... I can't tell you about how that would work.

2) a) She had walked across the street, but the man attacked her on her street?How to explain the logistics of this... perhaps she means that these were her streets.

b)Jumped by a VERY psychotic man...? So his violence would be extra violent, according to what we know of psychosis. Broken bones? Broken nose? Surely plenty of dramatic bruising.

3)So very psychotic and beating the crap out of her. punches to nose etc. Also telling her details of how he would kill her. She does not offer such details but they should be relevant to any prosecution

4) He shows her how he is going to kill her. Again, she does offer the details but we can assume she'd remember.

5)This is a VERY psychotic man who wants her to know who he is or has a fixation on having a fake name... In this case.... William Holton. He wants her to remember this before he kills her. Or is his psychosis so that he simply likes telling his murder victim to be a fake name? Or maybe he's wily and figures if the cops come looking for him now.... they'll be only looking for a William Holton.

(The fact that he is a killer who wants her to identify him means he really needs to kill her first, or she'll be a witness, right?)

6) Alone. Terrified. Trapped - fair enough. This would be a nightmare if true

7) Prays her her heart out-- Sure, even an Atheist would if the Atheist in foxhole thing is true

8)Here are heroine gets clever.... William you say? Let me appeal to your humanity. I have a nephew named William.

9) Ms. Perrete makes clear that is all she said, but apparently it didn't totally calm the beast since, maybe the guy realizes that William isn't a name people find terribly pretty\and she is bullshitting him ;).

10)This crazed man punches her again somewhere. Alas, after unleashing one last punch he lets her loose with a "get the fuck outta here." and ever clever, she doesn't insist he stay with her but you know... gets the fuck out of there.

11)Our traumatized damsel goes into shock and collapses onto the sidewalk. So William Holton or Willie Horton or David Merck or the homeless man or the transient ... is gone.

12) Cavalry arrives in form of man and dog. Instead of being a savior, the nightmare is magnified. The would be savior is a monstrous guy who ignores the specter of a woman on the ground, as his dog licks her face. Not that he does not witness the attack.

13) Rendered mute(we must assume) she notes the man is annoyed and on phone. no mention of her screaming, "I'm a famous TV Star. NCIS. Call the coooooooooops. I am wounded and the murderous man is on the way to wound some more!

14) But spirits don't die so easily, and so prone, but still speechless she reaches for her phone and since speechless she can only text. Since 911 is old school and does not take texts....she texts her next door neighbor and a church friend cop.

15) Still alone but no longer trapped,and we must assume she has a purse,or at least e keeps a pen and paper in her pocket... or perhaps church friend cop or next door neighbor arrives with pen and paper.. All we know is that IMMEDIATELY, Ms. Perrete draws a sketch of the perpetrator. She also notes that the perp is headed to Hollywood Blvd with "murder in his eyes". In other words, I will save the others for I am good!

16)A pal named James is on the scene. we must assume he is the church cop or the next door neighbor.

b)James does three things. He takes pic of sketch. He locates man (based on sketch) and then he surveills the man. We have to assume James is not capable of arrest powers since he is not the church cop. So the next door neighbor must be James.

17)The cops come to a 7/11 maybe in contact with James or Ms Perrette. and they Get him for felony assault.

no jacket. paulley didn't note a black shirt. different name?

(as of today - 11/17/2015 - David Merck has not been charged with Felony Assault but criminal threats and false imprisonment by violence..... HUH)

Do the criminal charges made sense in light of these allegations. The DA is notorious for overcharging. Just one threat? no felony assault charge. No battery charge? Don't they feel sick about her having no bruises and such a clearly fishy story?

Case Closed?

It better not be.

She now claims this herettp://

An eyewitness at the Hollywood United Methodist Church told ET that the NCISstar was in "good spirits" as she attended the service with her police friend Nicole, who was with her following the attack, and her pal James, who helped track down the man police

BEGGED QUESTION: why would she send a civilian to nab a dangerous man when Nicole was on the scene.....By deduction, James is the next door neighbor. Why send a non cop to surveill and nab a scary criminal?

Please check that out public defender's office!!

What if I told you that Paulley Perrette told Entertainment tonight that she didn't have a phone after the attack? That she did not text anyone after the attack... left without a phone, she had pen and paper and made a sketch of the perpetration.

What if I told you, she said she said nothing of any kind to this man, in fear "that it would escalate."

He told me he was going to kill me several times and I absolutely believed him," she recalled to ET. "I prayed as hard as I've ever prayed for anything ever in my life, and I didn't do anything. I thought, anything I do would escalate the situation -- I couldn't overcome him, he was stronger than me."

Fortunately, she got away and drew a sketch of the man she believed had assaulted her. "I took a pen and I immediately, in shock, like drew a picture of the guy, 'cause I didn't have a camera," she explained. "The guy looks exactly like the thing that I drew."

What if I told you she told inquisitr that this is the first time she's ever been a victim of violent crime, in the course of her telling this story.

What if I told you she claimed in various courts that her ex Coyote (Francis) Shivers has raped her, beaten her and stalked and abused her for years. What if i told you she had a restraining order against her ex and now a costar on NCIS- Daniel Rivas?

What if I told you she had no bruises on her face? She might have cried all night. but there are no bruises here. In the history of nose punching a other "brutal attacks" there is bruises, at the very least. Punched her in the nose repeatedly? Bridge of her nose to Los Angeles Times reporter, Steven Lopez?


Pauley was eventually able to get away from her assailant, and although Perrette didn’t have a phone with her, she did have a pen and paper, which she used to sketch an image of her attacker. Perrette says that the drawing turned out to be

Read more at:

I believe Ms. Perrete did not anticipate her story getting second guessed. She wrote this pissed off tweet full of insanely fake seeming platitudes. Her personal friend press vs the crawling press who harrass her further?

Meanwhile: I was contacted by someone on twitter who says that David Merck is her cousin. Though she hasn't seen him in 15 years, she knows him to be a good and non violent man, who was very good to her when she needed help.

The reason why I'm finding this so uh.... INTERESTING

. I was also a victim of the LAPD's Threat Management and their sideline of enabling very mentally ill woman like Pauley Perrete and Tig Notaro with their destructive illnesses

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