Thursday, December 24, 2015

Has the lipose laden, Felise Cohen Kalpakian, been put out of the fitness business?

There is a few things that corrupt, creepy and criminal Los Angeles City attorney, Felise Cohen Kalpakian will never be described as. For the purpose of this post - those things are: Decent and Lithe

Flabby Felise can care less about being decent, but apparently, she was duly aware of how blatant was her backfat, and so she tried to get less fat. Ever enterprising (read mendacious, rapacious, opportunistic, ruthless, disgusting POS etc) and fatty Felise found away to profit from increased fitness.

Then, she likely feigned Fibromaylgia (sp? see below), to supplement her ill gotten gains as a shitty shitty city attorney. Felise is the kind of low life that would do absolutely anything to win. When that mentality accompanies the role or a prosecutor... NOT PRETTY.

Here's the posts from her Facebook page. Oh, look, Hannah Erent, Ms. Banality of Evil likes Grapefruit!
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Pompeyo Cepeda
Pompeyo Cepeda Congratulations Felise, wishing you great success on your new venture.
Candy Lind
Candy Lind Congrats Felise!!

No 1: No one with eyes would ever think you have even done one leg lift in your life, Felise.

No. 2:  I am happy to hear that you are in physical pain. I wish you all the pain and misery that you caused me and my loved ones. I wish you the fate of Martin Boags and then Harris Wittels.

Why do I so clearly despise Felise?  Cause she is rotten to the core -  someone who went insanely  far, to destroy my life, my name, my freedom. All in the most cruel and unusual way imaginable. Not to mention what she was willing to do to my sister and my mother - an adorable looking Holocaust survivor.

She took many measures to try and railroad me into jail and then when that got foiled somehow when Judge Mary Lou Villar  -  a lovely and highly sane law abiding citizen into a State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, when I refused to take a plea, when innocent.

She was asking for this from a notoriously corrupt Judge - Samantha Jessner- at first at an illegal(and widely witness and unrecorded ex parte) and then  on the record with a series of ugly and easily proven lies.  

You see, she had to stop any trial  and so she, Martin Boags and Jennifer Waxler were willing to use a Stalinesque strategy, would not only have insulated her and the others from liability for the malicious prosecution up till that point, but it would please likes of Marty Singer and Nick Kroll's father (Jules Kroll- google Economics Club for a small clue.) Jules Kroll is known to scout for bad cops and prosecutors,  and then offer them lucrative positions in one of his dozens of companies, if they are sufficiently rotten.

If that all wasn't enough, midtrial, Kalpakian waddled in to try and remove Judge Randolph Moore because he'd said on the record, " I don't think this case should be in the criminal court." Which meant, that he figured out this was all retaliation for suing Nick Kroll's self professed, " Oldest and best comedy friend."

Oh well, the story of how Felise Kalpakian is not fit to do anything but scheme, lie, cheat, steal is a longer one but I have to tend to other things so off this goes.

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